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Morning joe

I’ve often said that coffee tastes like poop.

Turns out some of it — the most sought after, in fact — really is.

It’s called Kopi Luwak, or wild Thai civet coffee.  At close to $160 a pound, it’s the most expensive coffee in the world.

What makes it so pricey?

This blend comes from coffee berries that have been eaten by the Asian Palm Civet, a cousin to the mongoose.

Once the beans are partially digested and passed through the digestive tract — that’s pooped out, people — they are harvested by workers with particularly horrific jobs and then roasted.

Reviewers on Dean & Deluca compliment civet coffee on its lack of aftertaste, smooth flavor, and rich aroma. They even love sharing the story of how it is made with their family and friends.

Clearly, the shit affects your brain, too.