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No surprise

I watched the entire Oscars telecast last night, so I am sleepy today, but not because I was up late —

Because it was so BORING.

Where were the surprise winners? The endearing, incomprehensible speeches from dumbfounded winners? And no, I don’t count the garbled speech of presenters — like John Travolta and Harrison Ford — who can’t read a teleprompter.

I don’t watch awards shows to see actors deliver their lines. (That’s why I go to the movies.) I want some spontaneity. Some mistakes. Some signs of life and humanity.

Thank goodness Benedict Cumberbatch and I had some fun on the red carpet before the big snoozefest began.


Once is enough

12_years_a_slave_soundtrackI haven’t seen 12 Years a Slave yet.

I definitely plan to.  It’s supposed to be amazing… has Oscar buzz for days.

But I’ve also heard it is a very hard movie to watch. Funny how award-winning films are like that.

The Hurt Locker. Million Dollar Baby. The English Patient. Out of Africa. — All Oscar winners for Best Picture that I couldn’t watch more than once.

Yet B films that the Academy wouldn’t use as a coaster for their drinks — your Airplanes, Anchormans and Notting Hills, for example — I can watch over and over.  Maybe there should be a new statute for…re-watchability.

Oooo — a new awards show!  I love it already.

Acting normal

Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway — you’re Oscar winners!

jennifer and anneNo wonder you’re smiling.

But whereas the world loves Jennifer, most folks find Anne just…so annoying.

What gives?

Both are talented actresses.  Both gave Oscar-worthy performances this year — Jennifer in Silver Linings Playbook and Anne in Les Miserables. And both are attractive and smart.

But of the two, only Jennifer appears comfortable enough to stop acting…to be herself on the awards show stage.  So her speeches — and even her trip up the Oscar stairs — appear to be authentic expressions of emotion.

Not badly acted attempts at sincerity.

So stop it, Anne…or we’re taking all the shiny trophies back.

Going green

Last Saturday night, when college basketball fans like me were knee-deep in the Final Four, a host of Hollywood celebs were collecting more hardware at the Kids’ Choice Awards.

It takes all kinds, I suppose.

Now, this is one of the few awards show I don’t frequent (since I don’t have a kid).  But I do so enjoy perusing photos and video clips from the broadcast because of one wonderful tradition:


You know…the green stuff?

Presenters and winners alike are always at risk of being slimed — and they never know when and where it will be coming.  Here we see Chris Colfer, who plays Kurt on Glee, getting a surprise shot in the chin while announcing an award.

And poor Halle Berry wasn’t even safe in the audience.  Some guy poured a bucket ‘o the green stuff over her unsuspecting head.

It’s a good thing she dressed down for the festivities.  Try explaining green goo when you return your just-out-on-loan gown to the designer.


The slime hasn’t changed my viewing plans for next year’s awards…but it does make we wonder:

Wouldn’t tonight’s NCAA Championship Finals be even more fun with a bit of surprise slime for the winners?

Prince charming

Colin Firth has been called a prince on several occasions.

Last night, he got a chance to showcase his skills.

As last year’s BAFTRA Best Actor Award winner for The King’s Speech, he was called upon to present the 2012 Best Actress BAFTRA Award at last night’s ceremony.  (I watched the festivities on DVR this morning during breakfast.)

Meryl Streep won for The Iron Lady, but the events that followed prove that winning ain’t always easy.

As Streep started walking toward the stage, she realized she had brought her purse, so she quickly shoved it into the hands of a woman on the aisle.  Then — in a Cinderella moment that couldn’t have been scripted — Streep left a shoe on the stage steps.

Thinking on his feet, Firth rescued her pump, knelt before the newly crowned Best Actress, and put it back on.

He was rewarded with a kiss.

Streep was thoughtful and gracious in her remarks, but I wasn’t really paying attention. We had just witnessed this spontaneous, movie-like moment.

Her speech was simply the credits.

Star baby

Like many of you, I loved watching the Golden Globes last night, and look forward to the many award shows yet to come.

SAG Awards.  BAFTAs.  Independent Spirit Awards.  And of course, the almighty Oscars.

But a part of the process I don’t enjoy that much is the red carpet coverage.  Sure, it’s fun to see the array of fashion do’s and don’ts, but the inane interviews make even the most beautiful gowns painful to behold.

I read a book last night instead.  (You can see the dresses during the ceremony, right?)

Perhaps if I had a red carpet history like Tyler Sercombe, I’d feel differently.

At the ripe ol’ age of one, Tyler has already been photographed with more than 130 celebrities, including Meryl Streep, George Clooney, and Johnny Depp.

Her mom Donna started taking her to premieres when she was a month old. They have been to about 60 so far.

Yep.  I’d put my book down for that.

Stomach this

What’s that I hear going bump in the night?

Could it be all the goodwill surrounding Beyonce’s pregnancy?

The headline of this year’s MTV Video Music Awards was the announcement of the impending arrival of the superstar coupling of Beyonce and Jay-Z.  Her red carpet gown and the teeny tiny tuxedo she later wore on stage were both tailored to put her baby bump on full display.

Cue the oohs and ahhs.

But photos taken only one week prior to the event reveal a very different mother-to-be, her flat stomach barely showing at all…as you might expect from someone who’s only two months along.

So why would Beyonce fake it?

Some say she wanted to announce the pregnancy at the awards show, and a cute, rounded bump garners more attention than no tummy at all.  Poor baby — it isn’t even born yet, and Beyonce is already using implants to make it appear more ‘perfect.’

Did she forget the paparazzi follows her and photographs her 24/7?  Someone was bound to notice her stomach’s way-too-sudden eruption.

Perhaps I bought into her PR machine, but I thought Beyonce was more genuine than that.

Guess I expected better.

The envelope please…

Awards shows?  I’m a fan.

Even though the entertainment value is spotty at best, I still like to watch.  You never know when an overexcited, drunk celebrity is going to say or do something really embarrassing.

Television at its best!

Last night I added a new awards show to my annual must-see list  — the ESPYs, ESPN’s sports awards.  I’ve never watched them before because, well, they’ve never been hosted by Seth Meyers of SNL.  He was the draw.  I thought it would be a fun show.

And it was.  Ya know why?

The awards were almost an afterthought.  The show was all comedy and musical numbers.  When the ESPYs did focus on an award — like the Courage Award, for example — they did these amazing pieces of sports journalism that were beautifully written, photographed and edited.  You couldn’t look away.

It was an awards show, but first and foremost, it was entertainment.

And as an awards show junkie, I just want to say thank you.  And I hope the producers and directors of the Oscars, Emmys and Tonys were watching.  You could learn something.

Oh — and I’d like to highlight my favorite acceptance speech of the night…from the Best Breakthrough Athlete, Chris Johnson of Tennessee, who so clearly defined our priorities in the digital age:

“First of all, I want to thank God, most of all. Without Him it wouldn’t be possible. I want to thank all the fans who voted for me, I want to thank all my friends and family. I want to thank Ustream and I want to thank Twitter most of all. And if you got a Twitter, follow me at ChrisJohnson28.”

Long live the awards show!