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When only one word will do

This was a crappy day.

I woke up to a vomiting dog. He’s feeling much better now, but it took a $400 vet visit to do the job.

My to-do list was repeatedly stymied by frustrating people and annoying road blocks.

And my evening dog walk, usually my stress reducer, was washed out — literally — by a cloud burst that left me and Rory sopping wet.

Yep, crappy was the word of the day. So this video really spoke to me.

…and puts a smile on my face! Great way to put this day to bed and start fresh tomorrow.

Acid wash

boyfriend jeansWhat does the term ‘boyfriend jeans’ mean to you?

Loose jeans? Distressed jeans?  Or…

Super sexy jeans?

Old Navy is now selling this popular style to girls and babies, and continuing to call them boyfriend jeans. Some parents and psychologists argue that this name is inappropriate for such a young clientele, who shouldn’t be thinking about wearing their boyfriend’s jeans or even have a boyfriend at all.

In the words of Seth and Amy at the SNL Weekend Update desk — “Really?”

I’d argue that the ‘highly sexualized nature’ of the name lies in the minds of these doctors and parents. Jeans shoppers have heard it in the marketplace for years; it simply means ‘loose fitting.’  Any babies and little girls made aware of the name will define it in terms of their own innocent friendships (unless their parents attempt to explain it in an adult context and scar them forever).

Keep calm and carry on, parents. There are far bigger boogie men out there to fight.











When Wallace Met Chandry

It’s no accident that the movie poster for What If places good friends Wallace and Chandry at a diner.


The film is clearly trying to be the When Harry Met Sally for this generation…and does a decent job.

Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan are quirky and appealing, their friendship believable,  their banter quick and smart.

She has a boyfriend (who made me laugh), and Daniel has emotional baggage — plus best friend Adam Driver of Girls who has huge energy…and is huge standing next to Daniel (which is pretty funny right there).

This is a rom-com, so there are misunderstandings, yearning, romantic postcards (in this day and age), implusive international flights, fist fights, and at least two weddings — babies, too.

What if that stuff still worked in films?

You know — it kinda does.

Tickled pink

There are rules on the subway. I’ve outlined them here before…along with my tendency to violate “No eye contact.”

It’s a Southern thang.

But today I found the secret weapon that turned an entire subway car full of New Yorkers. We’re talking eye contact with the person of interest. Eye contact with each other. Smiles even.











Even the most jaded East Coast native can’t resist a cute baby wearing a pink onesie with ears.


Might I suggest…

By now you all know that His Royal Highness has been born to William and Kate. His name, though, they say “may take some time.” Don’t worry —

I’m all over it.


call me whatIt’s a worthy name; the Greek translation is “venerable.” It began to be widely used in the third century after it was the name of  a Christian martyr…so it’s certainly manly enough.

Sebastian also has British ties. It’s in the Top 100 list of boy’s names. Sebastian Cabot is a British actor; Sebastian Faulks, a British writer. And there are characters named Sebastian in popular British fiction, including Sherlock Holmes and Brideshead Revisited.

Most importantly, I like it.

Look, I’m only trying to expedite the process.  Princess Diana and Prince Charles took seven days to name William; William and Kate took three weeks to name their dog, Lupo; and Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip took a month to name Charles.

Let’s not give the child an identity crisis!


I’m pretty excited about the Royal Baby.

kate and williamI like Kate. I like William, too. And I just know that baby is gonna be a charmer.

Even if he/she is giving his/her mom a serious case of morning sickness right now — bad enough to send her to the hospital, no less.

But what fun it will be once that baby makes an appearance!  I can already imagine the photos of him/her, rolling around on the lawn with their cocker spaniel Lupo.

The only possible negative?

Any celebrities birthing babies around the same time.  Sorry, folks — the Royal Baby is gonna steal the spotlight on both sides of the drink.

Nine months

Women, can you hear your clock ticking?

Don’t worry. There’s an app for that.

The Wonder Clock app allows you to countdown your days of fertility on your iPhone or iPad. So if having a baby is a goal, you can literally watch time tick away in your ability to give birth.

What sick bastard came up with this one?

I don’t know how it works. I don’t really care. It is a sadistic exercise for anyone who is trying to have a baby, especially if it is not going well. Talk about pressure. That can’t be good for anyone involved.

And who has time for that?

Toys gone wild

I’ve heard of baby dolls that go potty…

…but dolls with potty mouths?

Some customers are demanding Toys R Us pull the “You & Me Interactive Play & Giggle Triplet Dolls” from their shelves because one of the dolls says “you crazy bitch.”

Triplet’s got ‘tude.

The dolls are sold exclusively at Toys R Us and are intended for children 2 years and up.  The store says the complaints have been scattered and they will stand behind the product.

Listen for yourself.

Personally?  I think the doll did it.  And I think parents are crazy not to want to keep it around.

Your kids start cursing?  You would never talk that way in front of them.  Must be that darn baby doll the children wanted so badly.

Not your fault.  Nope, you’re good parents.

Softer side

During a marathon errand-running session on Saturday, I stopped at my new favorite gift shop, Stoopher and Boots, located at 79th and Amsterdam on New York’s Upper West Side.

My friend Stephanie has an amazing array of eclectic gifts for kids, dogs, adults too. While I was checking out the latest finds — because there is always something new and fun every time I go in — she handed me one of the new baby bibs she has in stock.

Now, I wasn’t really looking for one at the current moment. But one touch and, man, I almost bought one just to put on my pillow. It was the softest thing I have ever felt in my life.

Which begs the question: why are all the softest things reserved for babies?

I agree that newborns deserve the best of the best after their shock of a delivery into this world.  Babies are cute as a bug, so why would you not give them cushy comfort?

But, be honest:  do you have any memories of those early days?  Wouldn’t some softness now have a tremendous impact on your quality of life?  We’ve been through hell to get to our current age — don’t we deserve that same softness, if not more?

But no…we drape ourselves in rough, ‘natural’ fibers and exfoliate our bodies down to the bone with sand, pumice and stone.

Why can’t we just give ourselves a break once in a while…and strap on a super-soft bib?

Junior who?

I’ve heard of people naming their kids after their parents, their grandparents or good friends…maybe even a celebrity or two.

But a dog?

Yep.  4BoyMom is pregnant with her fourth child and wants to name him Jasper, which was the name of their dog and “first child,” who passed away some five years ago.  One of the main reasons she is considering the name is that they have moved away from the town where they had the dog, so no one in their current city will make the connection.


Granted, dogs are some of the best people I know.  And I am the first to blur the lines between the two.  But even I have to admit…this is one family story that would be a little difficult to tell around the Thanksgiving table.  And how exactly do you document that on the family tree?

Personally, I’ve questioned friends who’ve reused the same dog name in their family.  (For example, they’ve had Oscar I, II and III.)  To have both a dog and a human named the same thing in the same family?

Creepy.  Weird.  Crosses a line, even for me.

(Rory agrees with me, by the way.)