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I am fascinated by The Golf Channel’s coverage of The Open at Royal Liverpool.

open coverage golf channelSo far this week, they have broadcast seven hours of ‘live’ coverage each day — followed by a repeat of that same coverage in the evening hours — and the golf tournament hasn’t even started yet.

That’s three days, 14 hours per day, of nothing but press conferences, talking heads and video of a practice round or two.

But no golf.

When the tournament begins on Thursday — at 4am ET, mind you — ESPN has the honors of showing actual rounds of golf.

Sucks to be the baby of the (cable) family, am I right?



Back to the future

Emma, I have seen your future, and you are a success!

Let me explain.

Emma reindeer antlersMy brother recently posted this picture of his granddaughter Emma sporting reindeer antlers at her school’s Christmas concert.  Her holiday headgear and mischievous smile reveal a lot — a fun-loving, entertaining youngest child.

Sound familiar?

No, I’m not talking about me (although as the baby of the family, I have been known to grab the spotlight from time to time).   I mean Emma’s actual doppelganger.

I’ve met her.

stacey sharerThis is Stacey.

She’s an MBA candidate at the Boston University School of Management.  And when I showed her Emma’s photo, she was quick to agree that the two were kindred spirits.

Emma, you are in excellent company.