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Friday Concert Series

Today I’m doing background work on an American Express commercial.

We’re shooting a faux concert at a theatre in New Jersey, so there are a lot of us.  After the numbers reach a certain level, it’s more about crowd control than acting.

So, to entertain myself, I decided to adopt a different personality for the day.  None of these folks know me, so no one will realize the difference, right?

I decided to be shy and introverted…quiet even.  Keep to myself.  Not be the loud one for a change.

I’m not that good of an actor.

Amex shoot

Hands off

And now for something completely different — a disparaging remark about “Twilight.”

Well…not really about the saga itself.   It seems a member of the “Twilight” family is trying to score a bigger slice of the fame pie.

This instance seems particularly grabby….but maybe I should expect that from a hands model.

That’s right.  Kimbra Hickey is a ‘parts model’ — as in hands and feet parts — who lives right here in New York City.  Many moons ago, Hickey earned $300 for 2-hours work — the industry rate — to hold an apple for the book cover of “Twilight.”

Of course, at the time, no one knew what a smash hit the books and subsequent movies would be.  And now Hickey wants her extra pound of flesh.

The model has taken to hanging out at the cash register at the local Barnes & Noble, telling “Twilight” book purchasers ‘those are my hands’ and giving autographs.  She’s also attending “Twilight” fan conventions, selling apple-scented hand lotion.

Her ultimate goal?  A role in the final two “Breaking Dawn” films.

Now, as you know, I’m all about self-promotion.  But Hickey thinking she deserves special treatment from the “Twilight” movie producers based on that photograph would be like me expecting my own Emmy for being an extra in an award-winning episode of “30 Rock.”  Granted, I was, and I joked about it…but I didn’t show up at the after-party and expect to get in, or demand a recurring role on the show.  Even I admit that’s ridiculous.

What do you think?  How should Hickey be handled?  To help you make up your mind, check out her website, where she’s posted ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ and her “Twilight” promotional schedule.

Or just visit Barnes and Noble during your next trip to Manhattan.  I hear her autograph is free…for now.

I want my MTV

Yesterday I got a front row seat for some of the programming that has replaced music videos on MTV.

Did the ‘radio star’ really die for this?

I was background on the set of the MTV game show “Silent Library.”  If you haven’t seen it — because goodness knows I hadn’t before yesterday — six contestants vie for cash prizes trying to complete ‘Jackass’-style stunts. My role as background was to sit in the library set and read my book, unaffected by the craziness going on around me.

And it was totally whack.  These six guys, who started out full of energy and attitude, were by day’s end totally defeated by the challenges they had to perform.  Licking dirty dishes, getting a gigantic band-aid ripped off of their chest, getting a surprise pie-in-the-face from four clowns, having debris vacuumed into a domed helmet they were wearing — ridiculous!

It confirmed two things in my mind.

One,   I want to be a game show host.  The host of “Silent Library,” whose name is ‘Zero,’ did just that.  He sat off to one side and did as little as the background actors for the bulk of the program.  Then, at the end of the shoot, he stepped forward and recorded about 10 lines of dialogue.

I want that gig.

Second, I need to submit some show ideas to the networks.  Clearly they are hard up for programming and will buy pretty much anything.

Now is the time to make it big…if only to make those radio stars feel better in the great beyond.