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Oh, Wendy

Baconator fries are a thing?


Yes, please.

Egg drop


And coming from an egg, that means a lot.

Thanks for dropping by!

Location, location

Where is the best place to live in the Upper West Side?  I am only guessing, but…


Andy’s Deli always smells of yummy bacon.


And the apartments above have a bucolic view of the park that surrounds the Museum of Natural History.

Now, that’s what I call atmosphere.

Food chain mail

So I was talking to a friend of mine today on IM about his lunch.

He:  “I have a scoop of pulled pork on the side.”

Me:  “In a cone?”

(Ice cream cone, of course…)

He:  “That would be tasty.”

Me:  “With sprinkles.”

He:  “Bacon sprinkles.”

Me:  “Yeah…like twice cooked pork!”

He:  “Exactly.”

Me:  🙂

Greats minds combine!   But afterwards, I found my mind returning to the idea of…

cone with sprinklesCandy sprinkles on ice cream.


I need to get me some of that.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Five reasons to attend Bacon Bash:

  1. Bacon brownies
  2. Bacon burgers
  3. Bacon chili
  4. Bacon popcorn
  5. Bacon candy
  6. Bacon beer

One big reason not to attend….

bacon bash






I didn’t realize being crowded together like pigs in a pen was part of the experience.

No thank you.

How do I spell happy?


This is in Times Square in 10 days.  And, yes, I bought my ticket.


I am a tranquil island

keep calm baconFor trainers everywhere








keep calm sweet teaFor my Southern sisters









keep calm and rock onFor Jennifer










Happy Friday!

How I see it

It’s been almost a year since The Egg dared to ask:

Why do so many people attempt to photograph the food they are eating?

I argued amateur attempts often make food and drink look — well — unappetizing.  Comments in response to my post disagreed.

Point taken.

But I did want to share an example of some exceptional professional food photography…by Lincoln Barbour.

Bagels and LoxThese four strips of bacon on a flat top grill were shot on location at Fuller’s Restaurant for a Portland Monthly feature on the city’s best breakfast.

Look at the color, the lighting, the composition. This is no simple shot of half-eaten eggs and bacon on a plate —

This is art.

That’s all I’m saying.



Hidden gems

Fast food restaurants have been keeping secrets. Not posting their full menus.  Holding out.

But they can’t hide from CNN.

CNN busted them.  Shone a light.  Spread the word.  And now we can order some truly spectacular food items that still aren’t on the menu.

Won’t stop me.

I gots to have a Neapolitan milkshake — chocolate, vanilla and strawberry shake layered in the same cup.

McDonald’s, Burger King and In-N-Out have ’em…if you just ask.  And why wouldn’t you?

It’s sweet genius.

Or how about a big ol’ order of frings?  That’s half onion rings, half french fries, served in the same order.  Why choose if you don’t have to?  And isn’t frings way more fun to say?

Don’t answer.  We know it’s true.

And for my vegan family members — you know who you are — step right up to the counter at Fatburger and order the Hypocrite.  It’s a veggie burger with several strips of crispy bacon perched right on top.

Add a side of Sticky Eggs and you’ve got yourself a meal!

Pork poem














If any meat deserves a rhyme,
It would be pork…every time.

Oh yeah — that sings!