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Oh, Wendy

Baconator fries are a thing?


Yes, please.

Egg drop


And coming from an egg, that means a lot.

Thanks for dropping by!

Location, location

Where is the best place to live in the Upper West Side?  I am only guessing, but…


Andy’s Deli always smells of yummy bacon.


And the apartments above have a bucolic view of the park that surrounds the Museum of Natural History.

Now, that’s what I call atmosphere.

Food chain mail

So I was talking to a friend of mine today on IM about his lunch.

He:  “I have a scoop of pulled pork on the side.”

Me:  “In a cone?”

(Ice cream cone, of course…)

He:  “That would be tasty.”

Me:  “With sprinkles.”

He:  “Bacon sprinkles.”

Me:  “Yeah…like twice cooked pork!”

He:  “Exactly.”

Me:  🙂

Greats minds combine!   But afterwards, I found my mind returning to the idea of…

cone with sprinklesCandy sprinkles on ice cream.


I need to get me some of that.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Five reasons to attend Bacon Bash:

  1. Bacon brownies
  2. Bacon burgers
  3. Bacon chili
  4. Bacon popcorn
  5. Bacon candy
  6. Bacon beer

One big reason not to attend….

bacon bash






I didn’t realize being crowded together like pigs in a pen was part of the experience.

No thank you.

How do I spell happy?


This is in Times Square in 10 days.  And, yes, I bought my ticket.


I am a tranquil island

keep calm baconFor trainers everywhere








keep calm sweet teaFor my Southern sisters









keep calm and rock onFor Jennifer










Happy Friday!