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I leave tomorrow on a seven-day, three-city business trip.

cardboard box

I had so many materials to bring home from the office, I had to carry them on the subway in a cardboard box.

As I was awaiting my stop, I noticed something different about my ride home. Typically New Yorkers avoid all eye contact. Tonight their eyes were darting towards me quickly, with seeming discomfort.

It suddenly hit me — they probably thought I had lost my job and the box contained my personal effects.

I thought about producing a few tears, but that seemed like bad karma.


Dead wrong

Can I be serious for a moment?

Well, I’m gonna try.

A different celebrity death seems to make the headlines every day — TV and movie stars, sports icons, politicians, you name it.  I realize this isn’t a new phenomenon, but the coverage today is so much more saturated.  Reports of their demise are on TV and Facebook and Twitter and every single web browser that you open.

You can’t escape death…and now online, people are trying to earn points for it.

Even before the celebrity’s body has grown cold, folks on Facebook are celebrating… ’cause the newly deceased notable is in their Dead Pool!  Sometimes their expression of rejoicing is in the same sentence as their expression of sympathy.  That’s…efficient.

Now, I usually like sick humor, but I just can’t find the funny in this game.  The majority of the celebs listed in these pools are old or seriously ill or both, with a few random youngsters thrown in to wreck the curve.

And folks are betting on when they will die.

Call me old-fashioned, but this reeks of bad karma.  I wouldn’t wanna tempt the fates — they might decide to take a swing in my direction.

Sure, these people were famous, but can you imagine the faces of their family when they see their newly departed mom or dad or husband or wife or sibling or child listed on one of these Dead Pools…with a points ranking assigned?

I know it seems like some celebrities ‘sell out’ for fame and fortune.  But that doesn’t mean we have to sink even lower when they’re not around to fight back.