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Baggage handler

When you travel for business,  you pack a lot. You get it down to a science.

I can pack for most trips 10 minutes before I leave.


Personal trips are a completely different story.

I don’t know exactly what I am going to be doing every hour of the trip. There is no ‘uniform’ that I can put on for each activity.  Plus, my vacations are usually a bit longer…and I have to pack for the dog, too.

And he likes to have a lot of choices.

Oh, I got baggage

Today I retire a trusted member of my small business —

jack georges greenMy Jack Georges Milano laptop bag in vibrant green leather.

For more than a decade, this briefcase has accompanied me on my travels in these United States, Europe and Asia.

I have overstuffed it, crushed it, slept on it — and it has always looked as good as new.

Well, almost.

That bag was a great conversation starter at any airport gate, airport restaurant, airplane row, hotel lobby — basically anywhere.  Folks noticed my Jack Georges.  I’m sure I sold a bunch of them.

But today my Jack got to stay home and sleep in…and instead I brought along —

McKlein orange


My new briefcase by McKlein.  In bright orange.

Because I’ll admit it —

I like the attention.

Money go bye-bye

Have you ever wondered how budget airlines can offer such low fares?

Pull up a chair.

Airplane-Taking-OffI flew Spirit Airlines today for the first time. The one-way flight from New York City to Fort Lauderdale was an incredible $83…so I bit. And learned how they quickly make up the difference.

It’s kinda ingenious.

While all airlines charge for checked baggage, Spirit also charges for carry-on bags beyond your one personal item. And that charge is on a sliding scale: $30 online, $50 at the counter, $100 at the gate.


Plus, it’s cheaper to check the bag.  Needless to say, I had no trouble finding overhead space on today’s flight.

Spirit also charges for all in-flight drinks and food, following the movie theater practice of combo meals. So folks who want a soda end up spending more because it appears to be a better value to buy more.

Yep.  When all was said and done, I’m pretty sure my ‘budget’ flight cost as much or more than the Delta flight that was my second choice.

Oh well.  I did get animals crackers with my Diet Coke.