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Uptown girl

When we were young, my sister and I spent many a fun-filled afternoon playing “camping” with our Barbie dolls — and our brother’s GI Joe action figures — in our family’s formal living room.

(Other than Christmas, it was the best use of that room.)

The green carpet was obviously the grassy forest floor. We used Kleenex as sleeping bags. And Dr. Seuss books tilted open were the perfect tents. Plus, GI Joe had a jeep, so there were lots of four wheelin’ and other shenanigans.

Those were simpler times. Barbie wanted simpler things.

Today’s doll?

barbie camping


A doll’s life

Barbie…a hoarder???

That’s no dream kitchen, sister…

It’s a nightmare.

It kept Carrie M. Becker up at night.  So the St. Louis native, photographer and sculptor created “Barbie Trashes Her Dreamhouse,” a photographic exhibition at the Riney Museum of Fine Art at Friends University in Wichita, Kansas.

I love the idea of Barbie as a hoarder.

The girl is so perfect in every other way; you just know she has to act out somehow.  What better way than trashing that powder puff pink nightmare of a townhouse?

Which begs the question…

What is Ken’s secret?

Mad Barbies

The Internet is all up in arms about the new series of Barbie dolls that pay homage to “Mad Men” on AMC.

Barbies are notorious for their ridiculous body proportions.  If these ‘women’ existed in real life…well, they wouldn’t be able to.  They are pencil thin, and even their feet are designed only to fit into stilettos — they can’t stand on their own.  But they’re dolls, and hopefully we can all wrap our minds around that.

The “Mad Men” Barbies do not vary from this ‘proud’ tradition.  Even the mega-curvy Joan Holloway is portrayed as a teeny-tiny stick  Barbie, pretty much the same size as the Betty Draper doll.  Fans of the series are saying Mattel missed their chance to “shake up the shape” of their brand.

I’m less upset about Barbie-gate.  I know how hard it is to change a brand that has been doing things the same way for decades.

What’s really upsetting is how far off the mark the Don Draper doll is.  I mean, come on!  That doll not only doesn’t look like Don, he’s not even as handsome as Ken!

Who is the Barbie artist responsible for this travesty?

I want a name.