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Yes, you can

Ever made fun of a beauty pageant contestant?  I know I have.

(Two words: Miss Utah.)

But here’s a beauty pageant that will have you cheering.

miss you can do itThe ‘Miss You Can Do It’ pageant, a program for girls with special needs, is the focus of an HBO documentary currently on rotation and OnDemand.

The 37 contestants, all with learning or physical disabilities, are celebrated at this annual event founded by Abbey Curran, a former Miss Iowa and the first woman with a disability to ever compete in the Miss USA pageant.

The program follows eight of the young girls as they prepare for and compete in this event.  I happened upon the show quite by accident, but I consider the show a must-see.

Everyone should feel that good and smile that much watching TV.


There she is

So what does Anderson Cooper have on his mind as the holidays draw near?

Toddlers and tiaras.

Or, more specifically, what effect our princess, pageant and beauty-obsessed society might be having on young girls.

I attended the taping of Anderson today with my friend Caroline.  It was my third time to be a part of his studio audience.

The first time he discussed women who discovered their husbands were cheating online.


The second was a special screening of the movie 50/50 followed by the show taping with interviews with the movie’s stars.


But today’s show, which featured tiny pageant contestants and their moms surrounded by an audience who pretty much all agreed these folks were whackadoodle doos?

Triple word score.

Thanks Anderson, for asking me back!