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What they want

While I worked at Hallmark, we designed a line of greeting cards targeted specifically at the male consumer.

When it came time to name the card line, we brandied about many monikers. At one point, I suggested headlining the display “FREE BEER.”

Give them what they want, right?

I just passed this signboard at a new restaurant in my neighborhood:


Great minds…

The other Cup

Okay, patriotic sports fans.

It’s time for you to hurl your alcohol-soaked national pride at one of my favorite sporting events — a sport that dare I say more people watch year-round (instead of once every four years):

RyderCup2014Logo.svgGolf’s Ryder Cup, which pits the United States Team versus The World — that’s the entire world, people — kicks off tomorrow in Scotland.

I’m giving you an entire day to prepare.  Gather your buddies. Pick your bar and drink of choice.  Warm up your vocal chords for the vigorous screaming that will commence.

If you’ve never experienced golf on television before, I invite you to watch these world-class players representing their countries going head-to head.

ryder cup celebrationI think you will be surprised to see how truly exciting it is.

You just might find yourself screaming, beer or not beer.



Creepy crawlers

cicada-close01This very bug scuttered across my foot today in Central Park.

Okay, maybe he’s a relative.  But it looks just like him.

And where did I found the ‘police sketch’ of the insect in question?

On a bottle of beer.

Cicada Indigenous Ale, to be exact.

Funny how something that looks so bucolic on a bottle of brew…

Creeped the living the shit out of me at 7am.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Five reasons to attend Bacon Bash:

  1. Bacon brownies
  2. Bacon burgers
  3. Bacon chili
  4. Bacon popcorn
  5. Bacon candy
  6. Bacon beer

One big reason not to attend….

bacon bash






I didn’t realize being crowded together like pigs in a pen was part of the experience.

No thank you.

Beery, beery creative

I have more than one friend and/or family member who records their beer consumption on Twitter.

Why yes, I am very proud.

beer namesThe app shows the beer name, where they were when they swigged it, and how long they breathed — if indeed they did — between frosty brews.

Now, I’m not much of a beer drinker, but I find myself looking forward to this digital diary…and wanting to participate even though I don’t like it!

Luckily I found the perfect way:

The Random Beer Name Generator.

Just click the button, and it generates a way cool beer name.  For example, it just gave me “Irish Elvis Dubble”…

So let’s pretend that’s what I drank this round.


Backyard brew

A cold beer after you’ve cut the lawn sounds good to most people.

But a beer with that ‘real lawn mower experience?’

lawn mower ad












I think something got lost in translation back in Sweden…

Bet the name makes it taste better, too

And the Oscar for Best Beverage Name goes to…

truth serum



I love a theme.  And apparently today’s is of the two-wheeled variety.

Everywhere I look online, I see bicycles.

Not kid’s bikes with training wheels.  Or Saturday enthusiasts zooming by wearing spandex.  Or even coverage of the Tour de France.  No, we’re talking bicycles that are taking a different turn.

Exhibit A — Beer Bicycle

Exhibit  B — Bicycle Seat Bench

Exhibit C — Bicycle Wedding Cake

Wow, I’m almost psyched enough to go out and ride!



I follow @ohbeautifulbeer on Twitter.

Not because I’m a big beer lover — I’m allergic to hops and have trouble drinking most of it.

No, I love @ohbeautifulbeer because they focus on a beer’s stage presence — the graphic design of its labels, packaging and artwork.  And many of the lesser known brews excel in this department.

Just look at the label for 400 Pound Monkey IPA from Left Hand Brewing. I would order it for its looks alone, it’s so frickin’ cool.

(I’d be sick as a dog later, but it would be worth it.)

And check out this poster for the Pan American Coaster Tossing Championships that took place earlier this month in Raleigh, North Carolina.

I love so many things about this.  The retro-Olympic styling.  The subdued color palette.  The great tagline “Drink Beer, Throw Stuff.”  And the fact that the event exists at all.

I mean, tossing coasters?  How hilarious is that?  I suppose it is safer than darts, but someone must have been pretty drunk when they came up with that idea.

Wonder what they were drinking?  Perhaps…this beer?

It’s called Moo Brew. That’s a cow on the label…a really cool, stylized cow. And the bottle is such an interesting, elongated shape.

Funny — I never knew beer could be so inspiring (and I’m not even drinking it).

Ale yes

I can’t drink beer.

I have a hops allergy, so even a single beer can give me a pretty bad headache, sometimes before I even finish drinking it.

I’ve never really liked the taste of beer, though, so it’s no hardship.  But when people hear my tale of woe, they are inordinately upset.  (The folks I met in Ireland were inconsolable.)

So I am especially excited to find a way to enjoy beer that does not involve drinking it.

The MF Gallery in Brooklyn is hosting “The 40oz Show,” featuring 40 ounce beer bottles customized by over 40 local underground artists. Prices start at $40.  (I see a theme.)

The show kicked off March 18th with a huge opening night party.

I missed that.

But this Sunday, April 10th,  the gallery is open for walk-ins from 2-5pm.  I am definitely not missing that .







Look at these bottles!  They are such incredibly creative works of art!  There is literally something for everyone’s taste.  It is really going to be hard to choose.

No one can drink just one…