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Kick this around


If you haven’t started watching Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, or are in the midst of the series, don’t worry —

There are no spoilers here. Just one question (and kind of a tangential one at that).

Do bicycles not have kickstands anymore?

We see Clay Jensen ride around town as he tries to solve the show’s central mystery, and he throws his bike down on the ground like an unloved toy. He has bounced that thing off of cement, buildings, trees — you name it — and it’s been shoved into a lot of car trunks, too.

That bike gets no respect.

I have to think a kickstand would be a major improvement. But perhaps they just aren’t cool in 2017.

I don’t know….I may need 13 reasons way.

Wheelie dangerous

Look at the nifty decal my airport taxi was sporting tonight:

cyclistsWhile I appreciate the sentiment, based on my experience with cyclists in the city, they need the safe driving reminder.

The suckers will hit anything that moves.

And yes, I am generalizing…based on a wealth of first-hand experience.


I love a theme.  And apparently today’s is of the two-wheeled variety.

Everywhere I look online, I see bicycles.

Not kid’s bikes with training wheels.  Or Saturday enthusiasts zooming by wearing spandex.  Or even coverage of the Tour de France.  No, we’re talking bicycles that are taking a different turn.

Exhibit A — Beer Bicycle

Exhibit  B — Bicycle Seat Bench

Exhibit C — Bicycle Wedding Cake

Wow, I’m almost psyched enough to go out and ride!