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For your own safety

After nearly a decade living in the Big Apple, I think this could work.

It’s like the autobahn — the two lanes would simply have different speed limits.

And no standing and staring ‘up’ allowed in the New Yorkers lane, either.

#ihearttourists #willbeoneagainsoon

Not-so-green hybrids

Did you start your morning right with a cronut?

If you answered ‘yes,’ you’re definitely a New Yorker, because this brand new croissant / doughnut hybrid is only available here in the Big Apple…at the Dominique Ansel Bakery on Spring Street.

cronutWhy is everyone crazed for cronuts?  They’re fried, cream-filled and sugar-coated.

Set your sensors on stun.

When the bakery opens at 7:30am, there is already a long line.  They’ve had to set a limit of six cronuts per person…and they go for $5 a pop!

Rumor has it ‘influential’ food bloggers can get them delivered…

(Better plan a trip downtown.)

Big hearts, Big Apple

New Yorkers are a the nicest people.  I see proof of it all the time.

Take today, for instance.

floating-money-bd4a4449-originalI had taken a cab to the vet to pick up my dog.  The driver gave me my change, which included several singles, near the open door.

The wind instantly picked up the bills and scattered them in the street.  Did the rude, me-me-me New Yorkers of TV and movies jump upon them and run for it?

Not a chance.

Instead, three people stepped on the loose bills and stood waiting for me to retrieve them.  We all shared a laugh as I collected my change and thanked them for their help.

Nice folks.  Yep, we’ve got lots of ’em here in NYC.

Ticket to ride

Question: How many tickets does it take to get from Boston to New York City?

Answer: Five, so far

Hurricane Sandy’s path and aftermath have made every form of transportation here in the Northeast a big ol’ question mark.  So since Monday, I have been purchasing multiple tickets on the bus and train and waiting to see which one would be up and running when I was ready to head back to the Big Apple.  The winner?


They are not my usual carrier, but they have quickly become my favorite since they are the first to re-establish service between Boston and New York City.

212, I will soon be in you!

Robo cab

Living in NYC, I am pretty spoiled when it comes to hailing cabs.  For those of you unfamiliar with the Big Apple, here are the steps required:

  1. Walk outside.
  2. Hold our your arm.
  3. Get in taxi.

There are no numbers to call and usually very little wait (except at rush hour and in the pouring rain.)

I have often bemoaned how difficult it is to get a taxi in smaller cities where you have to place a phone order for a cab 30-45 minutes ahead of time to guarantee a ride.

Boston is somewhere in between.  Taxis aren’t as plentiful as NYC, but you should be able to get one within 10-15 minutes of your call.

But now you don’t have to call.

Boston Cab has installed a ‘text a taxi’ system.  Once your cellphone number and name are in their system, you just send a text with your current location, and they text you back the number of the cab that has been dispatched.

I love this.

No more talking to surley dispatchers….or accidentally getting into the wrong cab while you are waiting.  Plus, since you get a text when the cab is on its way, you don’t have to stand outside and freeze your giblets.

So, kudos to Boston for taking the leap into the 21st century with taxi texting.

(I’m sure NYC would have thought of it…if we needed it.)


Are potholes big news in the Big Apple?

They are on PIX11.

The Anderson show airs on this local CW station, and after I finished watching it yesterday, their local news came on.  That’s when their PIXFIX series — which focuses on ‘fixing the community one issue at a time’ — zeroed in on that day’s issue.

A pothole in Queens.

Now, in reporter Monica Morales’ defense, it was a big pothole.  And according to residents on Fordham Road that she interviewed, it’d been around long enough to earn the nickname “Fordham Road Crater.”

They’d clearly put some thought into that one.

When word of Monica’s presence got around the neighborhood, a local councilmen swung by to report that the pothole was scheduled to be filled that very day.

Coincidence?  I think not.

But you have to wonder…could Monica have predicted — way back in journalism school — that she would grow up to be a big city pothole reporter?

And if so, would she have simply thrown herself in one?

It’s money

According to the Hollywood Reporter, “Cash Cab” on the Discovery Channel is being renewed for its sixth season.


If you haven’t watched this trivia-game-in-a-taxi, do.  It’s high energy and fun and uniquely New York City.  The host Ben Bailey drives the cab and asks the questions, and he’s super quick at both.

I’m not just speaking from a viewer perspective — I was lucky enough to play “Cash Cab” three years ago.

Yep.  I was a contestant…and it was a freaky experience.

When I got in the cab, I had no idea what was going on.  After I gave the driver the address, he said, “I’ll take you there, but first, we’re going to play…Cash Cab!!”

Multi-colored lights started flashing inside the cab.  I froze in my seat.

So…this is how I’m going to die, I thought.

The driver — Ben Bailey, as it turned out — got out of the cab and his female producer quickly jumped in.  She smiled and explained what was going on, and gave me the option to not play…but, hey, I like money.

So I played.  And I won $450.

When I arrived at my location, Ben handed me the cash and asked me to hop out and celebrate for the cameras.  (A van with the producers follows the cab through the city.)

I jumped out and did my best cash dance, while a cameraman circled around me.  (Of course, in New York City, the people just kept walking by.  No biggie.)

Then they took the money back, and I signed IRS forms right there on the street.  And I walked to the restaurant and had lunch with my friends.

Just another day in the Big Apple.

Cab with a view

My good friends Jeff and Vikki are visiting this week.  Their two kids are on spring break, and they wanted to show them New York City for the very first time.

Do you know the first thing their daughter said to me about the Big Apple?

“We had a TV in our cab!”

I’m not sure how many cities have Taxi TV;  I’ve seen it in NYC and Boston.  It’s a good way to pass the time between the airport and home…that is, if you don’t mind reruns (the programming is on a 15-minute loop).

Since I live in Manhattan, I have always considered it a good source for local news and weather.  Also, if my cellphone has died for some reason, it keeps me entertained.  It takes a good 25-30 minutes to get from LaGuardia to my apartment on the Upper West Side.

But for brand spanking new tourists who have just arrived in New York City, I hate to think of their eyes glued to that tiny TV monitor.  They should be staring out the window in wonderment at all the sights and sounds of the city.

There is an off button on that Taxi TV.  I use it quite often.

Look out the window, people.  New York City is the greatest show on earth.