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An arm and a leg

I just spent three days at the Billie Jean King Tennis Center, my 10th consecutive year among the sport’s best and brightest at the US Open.

Although I’m tired from the trip, I returned home with all my limbs intact. 

Unfortunately, many of the top players in the men’s draw can’t say the same thing. 

In all my years faithfully watching professional tennis,  I have never seen so many walkovers and retirements. And the fact that they predominate in the men’s tour makes me question the best-of-five format.

The ladies play best-of-three in all tournaments,  whereas the men play best-of-five in all majors and many masters classics. The sport continues to become more physically demanding, and over the course of the year, these long matches can really takes their toll.

I love watching tennis; I hate watching men in tears as they are forced to withdraw due to injury.

The USTA pays men and women equally as they should — why not require them to play the same amount of tennis?

Who knows…it might lengthen some tennis careers and will definitely make the current tournaments more competitive. 

Just one fan’s point of view…

Double the fun

I spent nine hours today at the US Open tennis tournament — the hottest day this year in New York City.

Thank goodness I had a big hat.

During that time, I watched a lot of tennis, both singles and doubles, on all three major courts at the Billie Jean King Tennis Center.

My pick for the match of the day?

bryan brosThe Bryan Brothers win on the Grandstand

It was moved from Louis Armstrong because the Cilic / Simon match ran five sets.  And as soon as word got out, people started streaming into the smaller court where every seat is a great seat.

Five guys had appointed themselves cheerleaders for the Bryan Brothers and periodically treated the crowd to custom cheers that always got a huge ovation. The challengers, Verdasco / Marrero, had their fans, too; I would just need a translator to tell you what they were saying.

The first set was classic Bryan Brothers, a quick 23-minute hold. But the momentum shifted in the second set, and Ver/Mar claimed it.  The third was back and forth until the Bryan Brothers got the break.

I’m pretty sure our crowd could be heard throughout the Tennis Center.

Doubles deserves much more respect.


Love lost

It’s no secret I love US Open tennis.

I go every year.  I’m going this year.

And I don’t mention this to make anyone jealous.

It’s just that this week – today, in fact — they are holding the US Open Qualifying matches at the Billie Jean King Tennis Center in Flushing.

The matches are free and open to the public — FREE — and I’m not in town.  So now the shoe is on the other foot.

I’m the jealous one.

Oh well, work is always better with tennis on TV in the background!

Oh my

I love the US Open and attend every year.

Unfortunately, my 2011 experience has been a washout.  All three sessions were either canceled or delayed so badly by rain, I didn’t bother to make the trip to Flushing.

I was tempted to blog my frustration, but realized you had heard that all before during a similar rainy stretch in 2009.  So I kept my mouth shut.

(You’re welcome.)

But I can’t not mention the fact that I was lucky enough to get a ticket to today’s Men’s Final between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal!


I know that moving the final to Monday probably means a lot of people couldn’t attend the match, hence the large number of seats at resale.  These are seats that weren’t available before the tournament began.

I’m pretty stoked.  I’ve never been to a final before.  And I am a HUGE fan of the Joker.

So, if you watch the match today, look for me in Arthur Ashe.  I’ll be the tiny dot way up in the promenade section, having the time of her life.