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Stone cold fox

Ever found it difficult to get excited about classic sculpture?

Just couldn’t relate??

Well, hold on to your fig leaf — Today I Learned Something New, a UK-based website, has brought together the past and present in their feature…

‘Classical sculptures dressed like hipsters’
hipster statues2hipster statutes








Gone is the overwhelming expanse of chalk-white skin, the blank stare, the disproportionately small family jewels.  These male models’ newly casual look and ‘tude would do any catalog or magazine ad proud.

And if they’re quiet on a date…well, that’s really to be expected.

Not-so-green hybrids

Did you start your morning right with a cronut?

If you answered ‘yes,’ you’re definitely a New Yorker, because this brand new croissant / doughnut hybrid is only available here in the Big Apple…at the Dominique Ansel Bakery on Spring Street.

cronutWhy is everyone crazed for cronuts?  They’re fried, cream-filled and sugar-coated.

Set your sensors on stun.

When the bakery opens at 7:30am, there is already a long line.  They’ve had to set a limit of six cronuts per person…and they go for $5 a pop!

Rumor has it ‘influential’ food bloggers can get them delivered…

(Better plan a trip downtown.)

Deja tu(lip)

Two years ago, as Rory and I were walking through the park that surrounds the American Museum of Natural History, I was struck by a lavender tulip all by its lonesome in a large bed of red ones.

I blogged about it here, in fact.

Rory and I found ourselves in the park again today, and the tulips were out in full force. And wouldn’t you know?


A ‘single lady’ was back again as well.


Starving, party of three

How do you spell BLT?

BLTSeamless.com, my favorite delivery folks, are discussing all the ways to make the tasty sammie with the three-letter name in their blog, The Delivery Bag.

Now, maybe I’m just starving because I’m on day three of a three-day cleanse — yes, I am starving but the idea of bacon, lettuce and tomato in any configuration is a fun way to pass the time.

When I make a BLT at home, I transform it into a BTCC — bacon, tomato, and cream cheese on whole wheat toast.  I’m not a big fan of lettuce, and the cream cheese just makes the sandwich that much more decadent.

Plus ‘CC’ are my initials — how cool is that?

So, how do you BLT?


I learned a new word today…or, I should say, new to me:


As soon as I heard the word in conversation with a friend, I Googled it…and realized it was not just a word, but a phenomenon.


Hangry, simply stated, is that spirit-sucking irritability that results from being hungry.  I experienced it today when I had too many errands to run and not enough time to eat.

While I am all-too familiar with the feeling, I had never had the perfect word to describe it.

Until now.

So I am no longer hangry; instead, I’m simply happy.  ‘Cause the right word can do that for ya.

Backwards and forwards

throwback thursdayI read it on Twitter, and Twitter would know:

It’s Throwback Thursday!

That means folks are posting old photos online and celebrating times gone by.

It’s appropriate to mention here because throwback photography of me has found its way on my Facebook page.


Why, you may ask?  Well, let’s just say today is a bit of a ‘throwback day’ for The Sticky Egg.

Here’s to getting stickier and stickier!

It’s a jungle out there

A good friend of mine always celebrates ‘Turtle Tuesday’ on Facebook.

(He posts photos and everything.)

Today I decided to take a tour of the Interwebs…to see for myself if it’s truly ‘all about turtles’ on Tuesday.

tigerRawwwwr contraire.

This little guy — and a few of his older and wiser friends — informed me it’s really…

Tiger Tuesday

And I am certainly not going to argue with that.

I’ll let you know if David changes his mind.

Greening my blog (and my dog)

Hope you’ve had a fun St. Patrick’s Day

Rory Dog









We’ve been Dublin over with laughter!

Did I really just say that?

(Yes, I O’Reilly did.)


And the word of 2012 is…


This doesn’t surprise me.  It feels like hashtag has been around a lot longer — that’s how much a part of our vernacular it has so quickly become.

What does surprise me is who makes the grand proclamation of “Word of the Year” — the American Dialect Society.

I’ve never heard of them.

Founded in 1889, the organization is dedicated to the study of the English language and supports the Dictionary of American Regional English.  They also publish American Speech magazine.


Just visiting

2013 is two days old.

As The Egg marvels at this turn of events, we look back at the Top 10 Search Terms that brought visitors to our little site in 2012.

Take a gander:

c311. The letter ‘C’



ryan-gosling-3002. Ryan Gosling



red hat3. hats



Adam Levine4. Adam Levine



brain graphic5. bulto biggest

(I don’t get this one at all…)


band6. band



win-win-movie-poster7. movie



christopher-columb-51588. Christopher Columbus



elephant crossing9. elephant



flock of migrating canada geese birds10. the sunshine state




Let’s see — that’s movies, music, celebrities, animals, fashion, and a couple of random entries that even I can’t explain…

Yep.  Sounds like The Egg to me!  Thanks for stopping by.