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Sticky celebration

wed_english-300x108There’s egg on my face, but for the very best of reasons —

It’s World Egg Day!

Here at the Egg, we’re laying low to avoid the paparazzi, but there are celebrations of some import across the globe.

If you live in Bangladesh, grab one of the more than 5000 free boiled eggs being distributed, and attend “EGG FEST 2016.”

The Philippines is holding a charity Family Fun Run event in honor of eggs, and Canada is focusing their celebrations on the EFC — Egg Farmers of Canada — who apparently are very active in their communities, volunteering and donating eggs.

The American EGG Board has a video about an ‘Adventure Egg’ who travels the globe looking for great recipes, but I think the United Kingdom has the right idea. Their theme?

“Put an Egg on It” — to encourage folks to eat eggs in unusual ways.

Gasp — I just realized my sister is British.




The most unguarded of scrambled egg eaters

While The Sticky Egg is no doubt your favorite egg-y blog — thank you for that — chances are you prefer eggs cooked in a somewhat different style.

But what does your favorite egg prep say about you?

scrambled eggsAn eggs-ceptional amount.

MindLab International researched the psychology behind this consumer choice in a study conducted for the British Egg Industry Council. Here is what they found your egg choice says about you:

  • Poached egg-eaters — outgoing and happier than most.
  • Boiled egg-eaters — disorganized and at the greatest risk of getting divorced.
  • Fried egg fans — have a high sex drive (!!) and usually hail from the ‘skilled working class’ (so British, right?).
  • Scrambled eggs — preferred by people who are guarded and without children.
  • Omelettes  — are self-disciplined.

Strangely, the study didn’t say what a preference for The Sticky Egg says about you….

Brilliant?  Good looking?  I’d say that’s a pretty safe bet.