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I am a UK alum and adjunct faculty at Boston University.


This is how I teach on game day.

Go Cats!

Beat the Terriers!!

Sweet justice

I taught class today at Boston University and grabbed a PopTart from the vending machine for lunch so I could do some work in the library.

One of my students said I was eating “cardboard.”

When I admitted they were better heated, she countered “Then they taste
Iike warm cardboard.”


Is this what the healthy eating craze has wrought? A generation that doesn’t appreciate the guilty pleasure that is the PopTart? Who spurn people who occasionally choose diet soda over water at every meal?

Where is their sense of food fun? Of taking a cheat meal or cheat day? Have we done such a good job of teaching them good nutrition that they have lost their food sense of humor?

I think somebody needs some Sour Skittles.


Super sweet me

During a break in my Boston University class today, two students were looking at a photo of a giant peanut butter cup someone had posted online.

It was homemade and the size of a platter, but looked just like the Reece’s classic…which made me wonder: 

Are there other giant candy creations on the Internet?

Uh…yeah.  And they are pretty sweet.

Check out this giant sculpture of a candy bracelet by artist Nicola Freeman.  The replica is   meant to ‘juxtapose the ideas of consumerism with childhood memory,’ but I just think it’s cool.  I mean, how often do you see candy big enough to ride?

Or how about candy corn that you can park your car behind?  It exists, people, and is currently for sale on Craiglist.

At $3,800, it’s a real bargain…don’t you agree?  You can use it for all your fall entertaining — Halloween, Thanksgiving, or anytime you want to hide the clutter in the garage behind candy.

Now, I know these giant examples aren’t made of the real sweet stuff.  But don’t worry — I found some of those, too.

Check out these lollipops the size of your help. Think of all the cavities you would have when you finished off this sucker.

Ah, heck — it’d be worth it.

Here’s a tip

MBA students at Boston University recommended brands for purchase and revitalization in team presentations Monday and today.

I’d like to add another to the list:

The felt tip pen

One such pen swallowed by a woman in Great Britain 25 years ago was recovered by doctors from her stomach intact and ready to write. Stomach acids had eaten off the pen’s brand name — darn the luck — but not the ink inside. In fact, upon removal, doctors wrote ‘hello’ with the pen.

Find that hard to believe?

The woman supposedly swallowed the pen using it to check spots on her tonsils in a mirror while standing on a ladder when she fell, leading to the accidental ingestion.

Heck — forget the pen company.  Buy the movie rights!

Lost and found

There is a well-known Native American proverb that says:

“Don’t judge any man until you have walked two moons in his moccasins.”

I’m not judging — I’m just wondering who is walking around in mine.

You see, last Saturday — like a typical city dweller — I wore flip flops to walk to Boston University and quickly changed into pumps before class began.  Once I was finished teaching for the day, I rushed out to catch my ride back to NYC.

My flip flops?  They lie forgotten…alone in the empty, dark classroom.

Now, the janitor may have seen them later and thrown them away.  Or some cash-strapped student could have picked them up the next day and thought — “Hey, free flip flops!  Score!”

Who knows what adventures my beloved brown havaianas have begun?

Me?  I’m going shopping today.  I need new flip flops.


Wanna know if it’s gonna rain?

Don’t bother watching the Weather Channel.  Just check my travel itinerary…cause I’m pretty sure rain is following me wherever I go.

Paranoid much?  You tell me.

It started last Thursday when I took a quick trip to Boston to teach a class at Boston University.  It was raining in New York City when I left, and as my MegaBus rolled into town, the rain rolled right into Boston with me…and stayed.

My friends blamed me.  We all laughed.

It was sunny the morning I left Boston, but as my bus entered the New York City limits, the clouds gathered and the rain began to fall.  Welcome home, Carla.

Next, I was off to Akron where the sun was shining.  By the time I left, Ohio was weeping.

Yesterday I was on the plane en route to Kansas City.  The pilot reported 65 and sunny in the city of barbecue — the curse was broken!  — but as we made our approach, a freak rainstorm began, and weather reports said the rain should last about 48 hours.

That’s how long I’m in town.

Next stop for Carla?  San Diego.  And we all know that means ‘whale’s vagina.’  But after I leave?

It will just be another sad, rainy city left in my wake.