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All hail Hedwig

I approached yesterday’s matinee performance of Hedwig and the Angry Inch with my share of doubts.

Not about Neil Patrick Harris — he can do anything.

But drag performers are the latest rage on Broadway. Last year’s Tony-winning Kinky Boots gave them both their entrance and their legitimacy. The decision to put up the revival of Hedwig now seems a bit like ‘joiner’ behavior.

Not gonna judge it sight unseen, though…especially with Neil at the helm.

HedwigThe first few numbers are fast and fun and full of Neil’s familiar charm and humor, so it’s easy to think you’re just watching him do  fantastic drag.

Then Neil simply disappears as Hedwig’s story takes center stage, one filled with loss and love, pain and power, disfigurement and metamorphosis.

Neil is supported on stage by a great rock band — one guy is from Lexington, Kentucky! — and Lena Hall, who also won a Tony for her drag performance.

But the show is all about Neil.  All about Hedwig.

He is mesmerizing.

Face time

The revival of The Heiress on Broadway is proof positive:

The line read’s the thing.

The cast is stellar — Oscar nominees, Broadway veterans and of course Dan Stevens, who plays Matthew on Downton Abbey.

You didn’t think I was attracted to the plot, did you?

Actually, the show itself was a very pleasant surprise, but that’s because the actors put on a master class.

Characters that could have been stereotypes were transformed by unique choices and uncanny timing.

I’m so glad I let a pretty boy lure me in.