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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Five reasons to attend Bacon Bash:

  1. Bacon brownies
  2. Bacon burgers
  3. Bacon chili
  4. Bacon popcorn
  5. Bacon candy
  6. Bacon beer

One big reason not to attend….

bacon bash






I didn’t realize being crowded together like pigs in a pen was part of the experience.

No thank you.

Square meal

The holidays are here.

squaresWhat a great excuse to enjoy a yummy chocolate and peanut butter brownie.


This isn’t chocolate. It isn’t even food.  It’s, um…well —

Wombat poopies.

wombatWombats are, in fact, the only creatures that poop cubes.  The shape helps the wombat mark its territory and recognize potential mates, because the flat sides help the poops stay in place.

I still think they look like little mini-desserts.  Put them on a Christmas doily, and I bet you’d fool a few folks.

That is, if the wombat didn’t get there first.