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Angry eyes

ABC's "Good Morning America" - 2013Pretty much everyone knows Grumpy Cat, the permanently sour-faced feline who catapulted from Internet curiosity to international superstar.

Sure, he looks mean, but I consider his dour countenance a rarity in the animal kingdom. Most animals I see have sweet, smiling resting faces.

Then a friend posted a picture of a very judgmental turtle on his Facebook feed.  (It was Turtle Tuesday, after all.)  So I consulted the Google machine to see if there were other cranky critters out there.

Uh, yeah.


















(Don’t move, and maybe they’ll redirect their anger at a small rodent.)

Hey every bunny!

Did you hear? It’s National Rabbit Week.

I know this because my Kansas City vet sent me an email alert.

They are having a special on bunny vet care this week — 15 percent off! All those Easter bunny owners, take note.

I am clearly entertained by this. A bunny alert? Seems like a hare-brain idea to me.

Misspelling intended.

Some bunny

What would Elwood P. Dowd do?

Police in Idaho Falls, Idaho have asked a man there to stop wearing his bunny suit in public.

William Falkingham has worn his rabbit costume primarily in his backyard, and nobody much cared.  But then a neighbor saw him standing behind a tree, his finger pointed like a gun at her son, and all hell broke lose.

Now police say Falkingham, who has no criminal record, could be arrested for public nuisance if he does it again.

What blatant bunny abuse!

I mean, seriously — how many times have you made that gesture?  When someone was annoying you?  At a good friend or family member, even?

Maybe the kid was being bratty or making fun of him.  I know I wasn’t there, but give the bunny a break.

Either way, does that fact he was dressed as a rabbit really make it so sinister?    If Walkingham must be reprimanded, why ban the bunny suit in the process?

(They say he wears it with a tutu sometimes — do we really want to rob the world of such ridiculous fun?)

“Well, thank you Harvey.  I prefer you, too.”Elwood Dowd, Harvey