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Deja view


Isn’t this a lovely building?

I traveled almost five hours to see it…and it’s only ten blocks from my apartment.

You see, it was an epic Amtrak fail day — cancellations and delays of airport-like proportions.

After seeing two potential trains get delayed, then cancel (all due to a stuck drawbridge in Connecticut), I saw the writing on the wall:

The only way I was getting to Boston tonight was by bus.

Which I’m on now.  And which just drove through my neighborhood en route.

Well, isn’t that special.

Police story

I hailed a cab to take me to downtown last night — nothing unusual about that. But as soon as we pulled away from the curb, there was a flash of lights and sirens behind us.

From another cab.

undercover taxi police carAn undercover taxi cab police car.

I didn’t even know they existed! But my taxi driver said the police have undercover taxis, town cars — you name it — all waiting to take down unsuspecting lawbreakers.

Which filled my head with this scene:

A New York City bus pulls up to a stop. But it’s not a real bus — it’s an undercover police bus! Filled with SWAT team members. All armed and dangerous. Who run out of the bus and into the streets.

That’s all I got so far. But I like it.

To be continued…

Ticket to ride

Question: How many tickets does it take to get from Boston to New York City?

Answer: Five, so far

Hurricane Sandy’s path and aftermath have made every form of transportation here in the Northeast a big ol’ question mark.  So since Monday, I have been purchasing multiple tickets on the bus and train and waiting to see which one would be up and running when I was ready to head back to the Big Apple.  The winner?


They are not my usual carrier, but they have quickly become my favorite since they are the first to re-establish service between Boston and New York City.

212, I will soon be in you!

Strike back

My back and I just can’t seem to agree these days.

I stand too much — like I did on Friday, some 10 hours on concrete during a commercial shoot — and it screams like a little girl.

That’s understandable. I was screaming too, both inside and out, by the time I left that set.

But then today it was equally upset with me for sitting too long on my ride to Boston — over five hours this time in one spot.  By the time I got to the station, standing up was an event and an effort.

Is my back trying to tell me something?  Like stop overdoing?  Live life at an even keel instead of at extremes?

Well, that’s not gonna happen.


I am terminally direction-challenged.

That inner compass most people are born with? No evidence here.  Which may partly explain why I always say I’m headed “down to Boston” to teach at BU.

(I live in New York City, so…..no.)

It might also explain why I always end up on the sunny side of the bus after very careful consideration.  Which side is east…and which is west?


If I ever get that straight, I’ll give you a holler.  Right now I am enjoying the sun’s warmth.

Ths bus’ AC is killing me!

Name that bar

I am on my way to Boston, and was determined to find blog inspiration en route.

It only took two blocks.

On 10th Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen is a bar called Lansdowne Road, New York City’s best sports bar if you believe their marketing. I don’t know about that, but the name certainly jumps out to me.

I lived off Lansdowne Road in Lexington, Kentucky..in my very first apartment of my very own. (Translation: no roommates)

After 12 years in the pricey Northest, the place seems even bigger in my memory. And at $350 a month for a one-bedroom with free parking, well, I don’t mind admitting — I just threw up a little in my throat.

Yeah, I may have to pay this Lansdowne Bar a visit, just for the nostalgia. If it is near a Target, I’ll move in.

Fun is a’foot

Like roller coasters? Hiking, too?

Then you’ll love Duisburg, Germany.












Magic Mountain is an elevated walking path designed by German artists Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth. Rising up to 147 feet above the ground, this serious climb mimics a roller coaster…and provides some amazing views for hikers.

And walking in a loop-to-loop? Pretty cool.

Leave it to my German cousins to come up with a way to make roller coasters healthy. What’s next? Subways that are powered by footpower? Buses that we pedal?