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Still refreshing, ya’ll

I have an 11-month old niece who loves iced tea.

Okay, that’s a stretch.

Hope has been married to my nephew Dustin for 11 months…and, like me, she is a daughter of the South who loves sweet tea.  (She’s been tweeting about it all weekend!)

So, in her honor — and in honor of the day — I am re-posting my blog from this very day in 2010…

Happy National Iced Tea Day!

iced-teaToday we celebrate the official drink of summer, that mother’s milk of the South — iced tea.

I grew up drinking my iced tea brewed with boo-coo’s of sugar, but today I prefer it with a just a touch of the pink stuff (Sweet ‘n’ Low).

Now, I know there are a lot of coffee drinkers out there who have never tried iced tea, or who simply consider iced tea the ‘second-class citizen’ of caffeinated beverages.  If that is true, I ask you this:

Which drink is so popular it has it very own piece of flatware?

Iced tea 

(It has its own long-handled iced tea spoon.  Coffee?  No such utensil.)

So, when the next heatwave leaves you feeling parched, consider a tall, thirst-quenching glass of sweet iced tea. If you’re lucky, you might just pick up a sexy Southern drawl along the way.

Sweet, sweet superlative

I watch a lot of Food Network — I’m a big fan.

(I want that on the record.)

thebestthingieverateBut watching all the show hosts and chefs from Food Network describe their food favorites on The Best Thing I Ever Ate makes me understand why some people from other countries think Americans are batshit crazy.

These personalities, who typically appear authentic on their Food Network shows,  turn into over-the-top, food-obsessed, caffeine- or sugar-addled caricatures of themselves as they describe the ‘perfect ice cream dish’ or ‘best egg salad ever’ (like that even exists in nature — seriously).

Their eyes bulge. Their pronouncements are peppered with puns.  (They alliterate like that, too.)

It is so annoying.

It is, in fact, The Most Annoying Show on Food Network.

Third times a charm

I went to bed early last night.
I’ve got a nap planned for this afternoon.
And tonight, I’m starting a caffeine drip at six.

The occasion? The midnight premiere of “Eclipse,” of course. And like all women of a certain age with little dignity and an enormous capacity for fun, I wouldn’t miss it.  Heck, I’ve had my ticket for more than a month.

But just this week, it got even better.

AMC theaters announced the showing of the “Twilight Trilogy” at select locations.  Beginning at 6:30pm tonight, “Twilight” and “New Moon” will be shown prior to the midnight premiere of “Eclipse.”  So audiences can see all three movies back to back to back.

Spectacular spectacular!

Granted, I own “Twilight” and “New Moon” and could watch them both whenever I want.  But seeing them again on the big screen — especially right before “Eclipse” surrounded by rabid, rambunctious, rowdy fans — well, that’s just not to be missed.

So I’ll drink another Diet Coke and crack open another box of Duds.  The combination of caffeine, sugar and RPatz will keep all systems go until the wee hours.

Yeah….I’m pretty sure I can stay awake.