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Hard to swallow

I loved grape soda as a child, and more than once have lamented the lack of diet options.

How about a liquored up one?


Henry’s Hard Grape is all grown up — 4.2 percent alcohol by volume, as you can see — with cool retro branding.

I appreciate both.

I was curious enough to buy a six-pack, and it’s pretty tasty. But my diet soda sensibilities are offended by the cane sugar.  To this day, it’s hard for me to drink anything with calories.

Those six hard sodas are gonna last me a good long time.

Get a rise out of you

I rarely eat donuts.

I like them — the Krispy Kreme variety — but they are like eating air. And if I’m going to ingest that much sugar and calories, I’d like to be able to tell that I’ve eaten afterwards.

For those of you who a) find donuts more difficult to resist and b) are looking for a reason to pass them by, perhaps this grocery store’s labeling will inspire you —

yeast rings













Thanks for the laugh, Kara.

Wake-up call

A Pop-Tart and a multivitamin.

That was my breakfast every morning before elementary,  junior high and high school.  It was the compromise I reached with my mom because I really didn’t like to eat first thing in the morning.

I still don’t.  My stomach doesn’t wake up until lunch.

My current compromise?  A lactose-free chocolate protein drink — which I actually kinda like — because I still  feel like I should eat something.  (I respond well to guilt.)

Well,  look out — the breakfast tables have turned!  A recent study by researchers in Germany has revealed that eating the morning meal has no impact on the rest of your day except to add to the total number of calories consumed.

You heard me.   Breakfast isn’t the ‘most important meal of the day’ like we’ve always been taught, especially if you are trying to watch your weight.  When folks skipped breakfast in the study, their caloric intake for the remaining meals was unchanged.

So, if avoiding the morning meal currently works for you?

“Keep doing what you’re doing,” the researchers advise. And in this case, doing nothing is just dandy.

Take that, guilt.

A little ade

And now for something really important…

Grape soda.

It’s one of my favorite drinks from childhood.  The taste is sweet and sharp, so unlike that of a real grape.  The same goes for its intense purple color that smacks of artificial dyes.


So, why isn’t a diet grape soda readily available in supermarkets?

It’s easy enough to find diet orange soda; Crush and Sunkist both make tasty versions that are distributed nationwide.  But those same brands — which produce grape sodas — do not make a diet grape soda.

Why not?  Doesn’t it stand to reason that people who drink grape soda might also drink a diet version if it were available?

Has some special focus group or secret research revealed that our grape taste buds wither and die once we reach a certain age?  I know mine certainly haven’t…and I’m old.   The only thing that has changed is my willingness to swallow all the calories in full-strength sodas.  If I’m gonna drink grape soda at all, it’s gonna have to be diet.

So, Crush, Sunkist — I’m appealing to you because you are the national brands with the widest distribution.  Create a diet grape soda and put it out on the market.  Heck, my consumption alone will make it worth your while.

Remember, all grown-ups were kids once…and its our ‘inner child’ who still decides what we drink.