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Sticky celebration

wed_english-300x108There’s egg on my face, but for the very best of reasons —

It’s World Egg Day!

Here at the Egg, we’re laying low to avoid the paparazzi, but there are celebrations of some import across the globe.

If you live in Bangladesh, grab one of the more than 5000 free boiled eggs being distributed, and attend “EGG FEST 2016.”

The Philippines is holding a charity Family Fun Run event in honor of eggs, and Canada is focusing their celebrations on the EFC — Egg Farmers of Canada — who apparently are very active in their communities, volunteering and donating eggs.

The American EGG Board has a video about an ‘Adventure Egg’ who travels the globe looking for great recipes, but I think the United Kingdom has the right idea. Their theme?

“Put an Egg on It” — to encourage folks to eat eggs in unusual ways.

Gasp — I just realized my sister is British.




Shells on the shelf

An update on my recent pasta post

Those stylin’ shells have been spied on the shelves!

pasta update

The pasta packaging without compare was on display in a grocery store in Toronto.

Thanks for the pic! (I’ll take one of each.)


old-faithful-jackson_4431Isn’t he a beauty?

I’ve never met Jackson, but Canadian photographer Peter Thorne has captured the depth and beauty of this old canine soul.

If you’ve had the privilege to share your home with a senior dog, you know what I’m talking about.  Their love is constant and unconditional and patient, with very few grumbles considering their declining health.

Thorne is putting together a collection of photos of older dogs called “Old Faithful” that he hopes to show at a gallery or assemble into a book.

peter thorneIf you’d like to learn more about his project that celebrates my favorite senior citizens, visit his Facebook page.

Rory and I are huge fans.


O Canada!

Columbus Day is a weird holiday.

I mean — if I worked in an office, I’d love the day off as much as the next person.  But celebrating the life of a man who enslaved and tortured Native Americans is a bit distasteful.

So today I pay tribute instead to a different holiday  —


Thank you, Canada, for so many amazing celebs who entertain us all in television and film —

Canada Actors


I’m know there are also female Canadian actors to be thankful for, but hey — it’s my blog.

I know what I like.


Stamps are funny

Although I might not have agreed with who got what award at this week’s Emmys, it was, as always, amazing to see so many truly funny people gathered in one room.

Even the nominees in the Drama categories are pretty darn hilarious when they let go.

So when I saw the news today that Canada has issued stamps with the name and likeness of five of their great comedians, I had two immediate reactions:

canada stamps


  1. Good for them.  Well-deserved all.
  2. Why haven’t we done something similar here in in the USA, the home of comedy?

Turns out the US Postal Service did do something similar back in 1991 — a booklet of stamps honoring the comedy greats of days gone by.

comedy stamps



When I saw these stamps, I had two immediate reactions:

  1. Good for them.  Well-deserved all.
  2. Why haven’t we done something similar for the current generation of comedians and comediennes?

Do you see a pattern?  More importantly, do you agree?

What current ‘funny folk’ do you think deserve to grace the correspondence that we don’t send via email?  Vote in the comments!


Modern girl

The Americans on FX doesn’t return until this fall, but I’ve been seeing Soviet spies Elizabeth and Phillip’s daughter Paige — played by Canadian actress Holly Taylor — in much more modern circumstances.

She’s sporting three piercings in her ear, and is constantly on her mobile phone.

I know it’s just a commercial, but all I can think is — modern Paige would be such a big help to her parents in the 1980’s spy game!

(That mobile phone alone would give them a huge advantage.)

Being a sore loser

I thought I was over it.

I was wrong.

being ericaI loved Being Erica, an original comedy/drama/fantasy that aired on Soap Net before the network closed up shop in 2011.

Working with a very special therapist named Dr. Tom, Erica traveled back and forth through time.  With his help, she was able to revisit moments of regret and change her actions — usually in ways she had not anticipated.

The show was produced in Canada, and there were rumors it might be picked up by another network or produced in a new format in America.

Neither happened.

So now from time to time, I will encounter one of the show’s former stars in another TV show or movie…like tonight, when I saw Morgan Kelly [pictured above,  second from right] in a forgettable Lifetime movie.

I wonder if Brent misses Erica as much as I do?  And if yes…is anyone from the show traveling back through time right now to fix this whole cancellation nonsense?

Trade you the funnies

Students who attend my classes know that I often pull examples out of thin air. And if an animal is part of the storyline, 9 times out of 10 —

It’s a squirrel.  (I don’t know why.)

So you will understand why this photo of a chipmunk in Ontario’s Algonquin Provincial Park caught my eye.

chipmunk reader

Photographer Michael Higgins spotted the little fellow ‘reading a newspaper’ while on a camping trip.

Too cute.

And it explains the chipmunk’s Letter to the Editor the following week.

Cultural confusion

Soft, warm pretzels with a side of spicy mustard.

german pretzelsI love ’em.

And I’ve always attributed my taste for them to my German heritage.

But while working with some colleagues from Germany this past week, I learned a disturbing fact —

Germans don’t put mustard on their pretzels.

In fact, the big soft pretzels that we know and love are typically only served in the morning.  With butter.  If they do venture onto the lunch or dinner menu, they are paired with cheese or meat.

No mustard in sight.

And here I thought I was enjoying an offering from my homeland.  But the majority of mustard, as it turns out, comes from Canada.

What’s that about?

Pie in the face

Pizza lovers — there’s a new combo in town!

Actually, it’s available in British Columbia at Steveston Pizza Company. They named it the C6, but I’m going to be bold and suggest a new one:

See if you agree.  The pie features lobster, black Alaskan cod and a side of Russian Osetra caviar — yours for only $450.

You read it right.

Now, if you want one, you have to call a day ahead.  No 30 minute delivery guarantee on the Stupid Pizza — no sirree.  That would probably cost you extra!

Owner Nader Hatami told Canada.com the pricey pie was intended to make a “culinary statement.”  But in fact, to date, they’ve only sold one.

Looks like customers have made their own right statement back, as in:

“We’re not nearly that stupid.”