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I have no business writing this blog post.

I haven’t watched Grey’s Anatomy since…well, I don’t know when, so that pretty much discredits my quality of knowledge or opinion.  But I have to say two things:


Derek Shepherd deserved a much better send-off.

To die from injuries sustained in a car crash immediately after saving a bunch of people who were injured in a separate car crash?  Did Shonda Rhimes run out of ideas? Or did she feel like that scenario was fraught with irony?

I vote for the former.

Unless Patrick Dempsey, who loves racing, demanded death by car, it just seems lazy to me.

And what’s with Rhimes’ habit of having her female characters off their men by pulling the plug?

Izzy did it. Now Meredith. Is this supposed to come across as a show of strength?  A “I love them, but I can take them out when it’s time to let them go” kinda vibe?

I’m sure most people, when faced with a similar situation — in medical professions or not — would do the same thing.  And it seems a little redundant on a scripted series like this.

Derek deserved his own unique death.  Derek deserved better.

Stray thought

Isn’t it funny how our brains work?

The weather this morning was perfect — cool and comfortable with blue skies overhead.  As I walked along with Rory Dog, I couldn’t help but notice the clouds.  They looked like thin schmears of white frosting on the sky.

But instead of making me hungry, they made me think of a book I read a hundred years ago — The Ivory Cane by Janet Dailey.  It was one of my mom’s romance novels, but the story sticks with me to this day.

The heroine Sabrina was an artist, blinded in her 20’s in a car accident.  When she frosted a cake, she had to run her fingers along the icing to see if it was completely covered.  Her family called her creations “fingerprint cakes.”

Of course, she still got the guy.  (It was a Harlequin romance.)

My brain conjured all that up from the sight of a wispy cloud.  But I still don’t much like cake.


Breaking legs

Quick — name this actor.

I’m guessing most of you can’t.  Only the most insider of Broadway theatergoers will recognize him.

But give it some time — this understudy just got his big break:

Michael McKean’s leg.

James Lecesne, an understudy in the play The Best Man on Broadway, was tapped to replace the This is Spinal Tap legend after he was struck by a car and broke his leg on New York’s Upper West Side last Tuesday.

James got the news a couple of hours before showtime and, after making sure someone would walk his dog — I like him already — headed right to the theater.  Understudies rehearse their parts once a week, but many never go on.


I met Vanessa Redgrave’s understudy for A Year of Magical Thinking a few years ago in Central Park.  She never went on, and yet knew that entire one-woman show.

Just in case.

So, while I would never wish an accident on anyone, I’m glad this one was a ‘lucky break’ for James Lecesne —

A Broadway star!