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I leave tomorrow on a seven-day, three-city business trip.

cardboard box

I had so many materials to bring home from the office, I had to carry them on the subway in a cardboard box.

As I was awaiting my stop, I noticed something different about my ride home. Typically New Yorkers avoid all eye contact. Tonight their eyes were darting towards me quickly, with seeming discomfort.

It suddenly hit me — they probably thought I had lost my job and the box contained my personal effects.

I thought about producing a few tears, but that seemed like bad karma.

Paper cut

Is this a simple cardboard box….

…or a Hall of Famer?

It’s both.

The cardboard box earned a spot in the Toy Hall of Fame in 2005 — a recognition of the ‘gateway to the imagination’ it provides to children everywhere.

Who can argue with that?

But I have to feel sorry for the toys — real toys, that is — that didn’t made the cut, and have to face the fact that a paper box beat them out.  And if that isn’t enough salt in the wound…

Cardboard was invented in China.