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Call this game

I don’t watch Game of Thrones.


I know — it’s laughable.

But I do read all the spoiler-filled columns about each episode on Sunday night, written by faithful journalist-viewers who continue to be ‘shocked’ by the weekly carnage.

How many times can main characters be murdered — in new and albeit creative ways — before it becomes expected instead of shocking?  I mean, I don’t watch the show and I look forward to hearing how many people are skewered this week and how they did it.

If you are still shocked at this point, GoT fans, then don’t get out of bed.

Your living room, the city streets, and definitely your place of employment are filled with random horrors that you are not man and/or woman enough to face.


I flew home from Dallas this morning and missed a horrifying event occurring on the ground:





Thank goodness I was cruising at 36,000 feet and chose not to spend $15.95 on the in-flight wifi (not two days in a row — no way, no how).  That made me blissfully unaware of the carnage below — the poor souls on their laptops and iPads, desperately needing to know what was trending and instead seeing:

“Users may be experiencing issues accessing Twitter. Our engineers are currently working to resolve the issue.”

How did they respond?  Sadly, we will never know, because you see…

Twitter was down.