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‘Ready,  Rudolph?’


‘Ready,  Santa!’

Merry Christmas everyone!

I’ve got a dream!

When I was eight years old, I sat down at the dining room table with my mother and shared my plans to move the family to New York City.

While impressed, she decided to stay in Kentucky.

But the dream remained and I finally made it — have been living here for seven years, in fact.

Watching the movie Tangled on Disney Channel reminded me of that dream.

What’s yours?

What I learned on Facebook today

You know how you see something and think it’s a joke…but then it turns out to be a real thing?

That happened to me today on Facebook.

A good friend posted this cartoon:

flatulence filtering underwear

I like a good fart joke anyday, so I could appreciate the humor. But then I noticed the logo and “Flatulence Filtering Underwear” at bottom right. That’s a joke, too…right?

Not even. It’s real.

The logo belongs to Shreddies, which manufactures flatulence filtering undies for men and women. These specially-made garments contain activated carbon cloth that help filter and eliminate odor.

Shut the french window!


people greeting vs dog greeting

Cartoon courtesy of the Lynchburg Humane Society

A bit buggy

If the insect world has a ‘hot list,’ bed bugs are at the top.  They are the most talked about, Googled, and feared of the creepie crawlies.

(They’re like Lindsay Lohan…but with better spin control.)

So I was surprised to discover how under-utilized bed bugs have been in movies, television and books. Did we just realize how gross and scary these mattress mites are?

I can only find one movie featuring the critters on imdb.com — aptly titled “Bed Bugs” — and it’s a 17-minute short produced in 2006, years before the recent hysteria, seemingly fueled by a combination of increased international travel and  — shall we say — inconsistent hygiene.

But now that people are totally spooked — ripping back the sheets at the finest hotels and even checking theater seats for ‘lint that moves’ — I think it’s time to step up the infiltration of bed bugs in pop culture as well.

We need bed bugs as…

  • spokes critters on Hallmark greeting cards
  • cartoon villains on Saturday morning TV
  • main characters in children’s books
  • monsters in horror films — perhaps the next “Saw” movie?
  • or even as sidekicks for Ryan Seacrest.  (Hey — “American Idol” can’t get much worse, right?)

The possibilities are endless!  Everyone in the creative community can do their part.

(If only Lindsay’s career had as many avenues for success…)