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Royalty in residence

When I shared yesterday’s post on Chateauform Schloss Löwenstein — my castle-hotel near Frankfurt that evokes Downton Abbey — my sister asked,  “Have you seen a Matthew look-a-like?”

Sadly, no.

But there is a prince living here.

prince germanyAlois Konstantin is the ninth Prince of Löwenstein. He and his wife Anastasia, Princess of Prussia, occupy one wing of the castle.

The Prince works in the financial services industry in Frankfurt and manages the family’s assets.

And while I have not seen him during my stay, I must say —

Doesn’t he look a bit like Mr. Carson?

Can you say spin-off?

When I travel for business, I often go from the airport to the hotel and back again, which doesn’t guarantee much of a view.

Of course, my hotels don’t often look like this —


This is where I’m staying today:  the Chateauform Schloss Löwenstein, located 45 minutes from the center of Frankfurt, Germany.

It’s part of a chain, if you can believe it — one of a collection of properties set in a private parkland well outside the city.  The castle has been fully renovated, somehow maintaining its period details while being outfitted with all the bells and whistles you need at a conference center.

It has its own winery and spa.  Two serve-yourself-anytime bars.  Archery.  There’s even a resident chocolate lab in the lounge named Easy.

It’s all so…Downton Abbey, don’t you think?

That’s entertainment

During a lively discussion about the Oscar nomination hits and misses with a friend of mine in the ‘hood, a nine-year old girl listening in countered,

“You know this awards stuff isn’t really important, right?”

A child with perspective.  I hate that.

Well, she’s gonna love this.  I now want to address the egregious omission of Ben and Leslie of Parks and Recreation from the E! Online “TV’s Top Couples Tournament.”

Thirty-two couples are vying for the title, and Ben and Leslie aren’t even being considered.

Thank goodness Lil’ Sebastian isn’t alive to see this day.

Since the obvious winner isn’t allowed to compete, I want to make sure some good couples make it into the round of Sweet 16.

Couples like…

  • Phil and Claire of Modern Family
  • Castle and Beckett of Castle
  • Leonard and Penny of The Big Bang Theory
  • Barney and Robin of How I Met Your Mother

I’m sure you have your favorites, so vote today!

It’s very important.

Ode to Bergeron

Monday night means “Dancing with the Stars” in the Curtsinger household.

I’m either watching it — LIVE — or my DVR is smokin’ to record it (and Castle and the CBS comedies) while I am out of town on business.  (Can’t miss my DWTS…girl’s got priorities.)

Last night I was able to sit home and watch it — LIVE — which is always a treat.  And while the dancing is, of course, the main event (along with the ever-present possibility of sickness, injury and emotional breakdown), I have to admit — watching host Tom Bergeron do his thing is in a word — inspiring.

No one in show biz is quicker than Tom Bergeron, and that is a simple fact.

In the five years that “Dancing with the Stars” has been on the air, everything possible has been said to him or happened right in front of him, and Tom always has the perfect comeback.

Dancer loses her top?  Tom covers with a smile and a snappy one-liner.  Marie Osmond faints at his feet?  Tom smoothly cuts to commercial while getting the needed assistance.  Bruno and Donny Osmond lock lips?  Tom makes it the running gag of the show (emphasis on ‘gag’).

I’ve had the chance to attend the show — LIVE — in the studio, and the man makes it look so easy when, in reality, there are literally a hundred moving parts.  But you never see the effort…just his effortless charm.

When I grow up, I want to be Tom Bergeron…or, at least, have his career.  I wonder if he has interns?  Or would like to play mentor to a sticky egg like me?

Anyone out there know Tom Bergeron?  If you do, can you hook me up with him?