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Broom fortune telling

While I was making my bed this morning — yes, I do, every day — I heard a crash from the living room.  It was sudden, it was loud and it was definitely glass.

Rory Dog and I both rounded the corner at the same time to find…

hourglassMy orange CB2 hourglass shattered  — glass shards and sand scattered on the hardwood floor and area rug.

Rory wisely jumped on the couch for safety.

Now, if I were the superstitious sort (and I think we have established here in numerous posts that I certainly am), this accident would give me pause.

The sands in my hourglass didn’t sedately run from orb to orb — they were thrown through the air, ground into the carpet, and then swept up and thrown in the trash!!

What can this possibly mean?!?!

Nothin’ good.

What’s in a name? Shiny stuff

I have always liked my oldest brother’s name —


It’s strong.  One syllable.  And you don’t hear it coming and going.

But when I think about my brother and imagine him personified as an inanimate object, I have to admit this never even cracked the Top 50.


Kent Vase, CB2












You’re way burlier than this, big bro.