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Time warp

My advice for today: never take time for granted.

As in, don’t assume your smartphone clock is always right. Like I did this morning.

alarm clock graphicI woke up and glanced at my phone — 6am.


I could turn off my usual 6:30 alarm (because I hate alarms) and check my email, Facebook, etc. before I woke up the dog, who I could hear snoring on his pillow.

A lazy, relaxing start to the day.

When the two of us ventured out into the living room some 45 minutes later, the DVR clock held a surprise  —

It was 5:45, not 6:45 like my phone seemed to think.

A quick check of my phone’s clock settings revealed that the “automatic date and time” selection that links your phone to the network time was unchecked.

I don’t know how that happened. I certainly didn’t do it.  But consider this post an opportunity for you to double check your smartphone settings…

And get all the sleep you deserve tonight.

Do you see what I see

It’s the weekend before Christmas…

tiny tree

And someone is playing with the photo editor on their phone.

It’s just a tiny tree on the dresser in my bedroom. But with a few minor adjustments, I have created an icy winter wonderland.

(But my toes are still toasty warm!)

Keep moving

“Give me a place to stand, and I will move the Earth.”

Archimedes, considered by many to be the greatest mathematician of all time, said that.

Clearly he never loitered in New York City.

On two separate occasions yesterday afternoon, while shopping around my neighborhood in the Upper West Side, I became a person of interest…

….simply because I stood in one place too long.

The first incident occurred in Barnes & Noble.  I was talking on my cell phone and moved to a deserted corner so I wouldn’t disturb anyone with my conversation.  After a while, I noticed B&N security standing to one side, pointedly looking at me.  The guard continued to stare until I moved to another section of the store.

I’m so gangsta.

Since they didn’t have the magazine I was looking for anyway, I continued walking down the street.  When the  wind picked up, I stepped into a deep window alcove to shield the phone’s mouthpiece.  The window shutters were closed, so I didn’t pay attention to the folks inside.

Until I realized they had noticed me.

There was a kitchen on the other side.  The cooks gave me curious looks through the narrow space between the slats.  Eventually one moved closer to the window, stirring the batter in his bowl, squinting in curiosity.

That’s when I decided to move it along….and realized another wonderful advantage of having a home.

Sure, it provides shelter from the elements and a place to sleep.  But it’s the one place you can sit on your butt or stand in place without moving — no explanation required.

So, that’s why we pay the big rents in NYC.

Social conscious

Attention doubters and disparagers:  social media has proven it is far more than just a great way to waste time.

It can, for instance, raise $2 million dollars for earthquake relief in Haiti in 24 hours.

Thanks to thousands of status updates on facebook and Twitter — and I’m sure a mention by President Obama didn’t hurt, either — mGive was able to collect the monies via text message in a campaign organized by the State Department and the Red Cross.

Anyone with a cell phone is able to text the word “HAITI” to 90999 and $10 is donated to the Red Cross. The donation appears on your monthly cellphone bill.

I’m sure concerts will be planned, and organizations and celebrities will step forward with large donations to help in the cause. But this grassroots effort was made possible — and fast and simple — by the technologies that we sometimes love to hate.

So the next time you are in the movie theatre and some yo-yo starts texting in the dark…

Or you realize you spent the entire morning playing on facebook or Twitter instead of doing real work….

Remember Haiti.

Chirp no more

As I write this, I’m sitting in LAX listening to the crickets.

No, they haven’t installed an aquatic exhibit in my terminal (although that would be very California and a very cool way to pass the time).

The chirping is unfortunately manmade and courtesy of Nextel. All those darn walkie-talkie phones with the annoying, high-pitched ‘ba-da-beep’ before each incoming transmission — I want to crush them all in my pasty white girl paws.

Why do people feel compelled to use their phones in walkie-talkie mode?  Does it save them money?  Minutes?  It seems like most cell phone companies today have stepped away from minute-by-minute packages.  Aren’t most of us paying monthly usage fees now?

Do they think it makes them look cool?  Here’s a review — it doesn’t.  Do they think it sounds cool?  That chirp every 10 seconds is tedious and repetitive…especially in a crowded airport terminal, where you also have to contend with a million loud conversations and recorded announcements about allowable liquids through security — and we’re already through security.  But that’s another rant.

The Nextel chirp also totally freaks out my dog.  He’s not with me in the airport tonight, but if he were, he’d be sitting on my head.  To him, that noise is a natural predator.

And I’m really beginning to feel the same.