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During the pre-show at my local AMC theatre, an oft-run promo asks, “Do cell phones dream?” Personally, I want to know…

Do cell phone apps turn themselves on?

cell phone iconsNine times out of ten — when I swipe the screen on my Samsung Galaxy SIII — a random app is ready and waiting instead of the home screen that I expect.

Sometimes my camera is open and pointed at my face (which can be scary when you’re not ready for it).  Or the Seamless app is offering me restaurant choices to peruse.  More often than not, Fandango is open to their current movie push ad, which I quickly skip.

(And we all know it doesn’t take much for me to decide that going to the movie is a very good idea.)

What is making these apps pop open?  Is it something in the way I swipe?  Simple chance?  Or evil marketing genius at work?

If there are any app developers out there reading this blog — and if you are…really? —

I’d love to know.

And beyond

There’s being buried alive…and there’s being buried with a signal.

Funeral directors say more and more people are asking to have their gadgets placed in their caskets when they go on to their reward.

Apparently heaven just isn’t heaven unless you can twitter and update your facebook page.

And since someone is always finding a way to make money off of the latest trends — even in funerals — we won’t be forced to slip our iPhone or Palm Pre under our satin pillow.  How gauche!

Already, at a fair in Verona, manufacturers were selling a golden coffin with a cellphone built-in, retailing for a measly $381,000.

I wonder it that includes any minutes….