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Blood type

Now that the phrase ‘tiger’s blood’ has invaded pop-speak, you might secretly be wondering if you have it. Well, that all depends…

Are you a yin (dragon) or a yang (tiger)?

Yep.  The Chinese philosophy of feng shui — and the over 3,000 year old yin-yang theory — can help you answer a question posed oh-so-recently by the drug-addled brain of Charlie Sheen.

Yin-yang theory is the belief that everything in the universe is comprised of complementary elements.  The yin (dragon) represents more feminine traits, the yang (tiger) more masculine qualities.

And you only have to answer 10 simple questions to know which way your blood is boiling!

Take the test.  How’d ya do?

I am a bit of both, so if I do have any ‘tiger’s blood,’ I fear it’s been diluted by the dragon within.


There’s a pill for that

A pill that makes you a ‘perfect version of yourself.’

The concept is pretty attractive.

And when you add Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro to the mix, the movie Limitless — which opens today at theatres nationwide — quickly becomes a must-see.

In the film, the ‘smart drug’ that transforms Bradley Cooper’s life is NZT.  As long as he keeps taking it, his recall is superhuman, his comprehension of complex data rivals that of a computer.

Of course, there are repercussions.  People want to use his super knowledge — and get his stash of NTZ — so being ‘the perfect version of himself’ puts him in peril.

Well, of course it does, right?  It couldn’t be that easy.

But it begs the question:  would you take the chance?

If you knew there was a pill that would make you the very best version of yourself — the Six Million Dollar Man version of yourself, not the Charlie Sheen ‘tiger blood’ version — would you take the pill?

Obviously there are potential dangers.  But you would be smart enough to think about them far in advance…and devise 100 different ways to outsmart your enemies.

Would the positives outweigh the negatives?

Would you take the ride?

No cryin’ here

What’s Saturday morning without cartoons?

Okay, okay — not a cartoon per se.  It’s Jon Cryer, the saner star of Two and A Half Men.…as a troll.

Yep.  Charlie Sheen made the surprising revelation about his former co-star during one of his recent rants, and Jon confirmed the rumor Thursday night during an unannounced appearance on Conan.

It was an emotional and moving confession in which Jon outed other celebrity trolls, including Paul Giamatti, Helen Mirren and Conan sidekick Andy Richter.

You know, I’ve kinda avoided the whole Charlie Sheen craziness.  But this latest incident really helped clear something up for everyone:

Jon Cryer is the funny one.

Sorry Charlie

Windowless Room.  Day Three.

I’m free!

It’s been a race to the airport since I escaped the confines of my meeting room today.  The only story I’ve been subjected to – and I use that phrase with purposeful intent – is Today’s coverage of Charlie Sheen’s latest antics at a New York City hotel.

I remember when Today wasn’t so easily confused with Entertainment Tonight. Or Access Hollywood. Or a tabloid at the checkout counter of my neighborhood bodega.

Now Today is the first to jump on any story that contains even a hint of celebrity scandal, and belabor every detail with people whose “expertise” is as suspect as the newsworthiness of the story.

Take Charlie’s situation today.

Apparently he is traveling with his ex-wife Denise Richards and their two kids, and was entertaining a woman in his room — separate hotel rooms, since they are divorced.  But his guest got freaked by his behavior and called for help.

Charlie spent a day in the hospital, but is already back on set.

But to hear Meredith Vieira and the supposed relationship expert tell the tale, Charlie Sheen’s mere presence in the hotel with Denise and his two kids was practically child abuse.

Going on little information and a lot of emotion, they declared him an unfit parent, a danger to his children and pretty much decided in their television court of law, that he should be denied access.

Wow — and to think I used to watch Today for the news.

If March is mad…

So, I’ve been sequestered inside a conference room all day, and what do I discover when I am finally released into the world?

  • The voice of “Charlie’s Angels,” John Forsythe, has died.
  • Olivia Newton-John’s long-lost-at-sea boyfriend is alive.
  • “Two and a Half Men” is losing star Charlie Sheen.
  • Dayton won the NIT, defeating North Carolina.

I guess that’s what I get for working on Good Friday.

With all this wackiness happening today, it makes me wonder what the holiday weekend has in store.

Saturday has the Final Four (Go Butler!), and Sunday the Easter Bunny (Go candy!).

Let’s see what leftover March Madness spills over into this first weekend of April.