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When I was home for Christmas last December, my three nephews were joking about the perils of having their mom and aunts on Facebook and Twitter.

They just never know when we may chime in on something they post.

i love my auntToday I drove that point home.

I was stuck on the computer all day, working on a project with a tight deadline.  When I needed a break, I would check Twitter; my nephew Nathaniel had just posted something every time.

So did I.

Each time I commented on his tweet or posted a tweet in reply, I added the hashtag #AuntsonTwitter.  We chatted back and forth for quite a while, having a great time…or so I thought.  Then he posted his own hashtag —


Whatever do you think it means??!?!

Mind your words

While attempting to chat with my sister on Skype today — she was either away from her computer or ignoring me — I noticed a feature for the first time.


Skype allows you to review chats with your individual contacts for up to a year previous.


So while I was waiting for Lou to respond — she didn’t — I re-read a chat conversation we had last October.

“Memories…light the corners of my mind.”

If Lou were around,  she’d appreciate that.