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I see

I was the ‘blind one’ in my family.

The kid who got glasses in fourth grade. Who probably should have had them years before, but faked her way through school eye exams.

The only one in glasses in my family. The only one in glasses in my class.

Over the years, I’ve gotten used to having bad eyesight.  To doctors saying I can’t buy certain eyeglasses frames because “your lenses are too thick.” It’s all good.

I can wear contacts, too.

But at my annual checkup this week, my ophthalmologist said my retinas were ‘textbook.’

Take a look.


Aren’t they beautiful?

It’s nice to see one part of my eyes living up to their potential.

I can see clearly now

Central Park is green.

No more pastel buds of spring, no more varying shades of color — just a solid canopy of green.


As I was walking Rory Dog this morning — and gazing upward at all those green leaves — I was reminded of the day I got my very first pair of glasses.

I was in the fourth grade.  My teacher Ms. Laws had noticed I was squinting at the chalkboard, and ratted me out to my mom.  When the optometrist did the eye exam, it turned out —

I was pretty blind.  Who knew?

I wasn’t very excited about getting glasses; I was the first in my class and would be teased for months.  But I still remember wearing my new glasses on the ride home from the eye doctor, and staring in wonder up at the trees.

“You can see individual leaves?