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Topping tip

I read a great article today —

How to Turn Your Favorite Snack Food into Seasoning

The author recommends buying a cheap grinder at your local grocery store — perhaps when buying salt or pepper — and when it’s empty, placing small, broken-up chunks of your favorite snack foods inside.  Then use them as seasoning over appetizers, main dishes, desserts — you name it.

Voila — junk food seasoning.

grinderOf course, my first thought was Cheetos.

(If you’ve read this blog before, this should come as no surprise.)

We already know that Cheetos dust is super yummy eaten right off your fingers. Imagine it sprinkled on any of your favorite foods that already pair well with cheese…like popcorn.

Now you can take your Cheetos seasonings with you.  It’s certainly more portable than regular cheese since it doesn’t require refrigeration.

There’s enough preservatives in Cheetos to outlast us all.

Forward my calls

I’m spending Friday in the Cheetos Room.
Thanks to the brilliant mind of American artist Sandy Skoglund for making my dreams come true.

(If Cheetos aren’t your thing, she also created a bacon room.)

Cheetos fingers

Cheetos, already the perfect food, is going beyond the puff this Halloween with…

Glow-in-the-Dark Cheetos

glow in the dark cheetos(A special thank you to my sister for bringing this ghoulish taste treat to my attention.)

While Googling the aforementioned dark delight, I happened upon an even scarier, orange-ier, more artificial — if indeed that is possible — product that has the potential to scare the begeezers out of folks year round…

cheeto fingernailsCheetos nails, baby!

Look at that color!  Look at that texture!  And if it chips off (chips off, get it?!) —

It’s still cleaner than real Cheetos fingers.

Vote with your stomach

Foodies have the James Beard Awards.  But what’s out there for Cheetos lovers like me?

The Munchies

The self-proclaimed ‘People’s Choice Food Awards,’ The Munchies recognize the “most amazing tastes, faces and places in the food world.”

Thirteen culinary experts have selected 100 nominees in 20 categories.  I mean, when comedian Michael Ian Black , co-host of the “Mike & Tom Eat Snacks” podcast, is on the selection committee —

You know it’s legit.  And fun.

Of course, you would expect New York City to be well-represented in any food competition.  But I was excited to see some local spots in the running, including our neighborhood coffee shop Joe in the “Coolest Coffee Shop” category.

So, cast your vote today!  The contest closes April 30th.  Remember, this one matters most because…

It’s the people’s choice.

Orange fingers

Cheetos are my favorite salty snack.  But a method of attack?

I hadn’t realized their potential.

A student at Jefferson High School in Lafayette, Indiana threw a bag of Cheetos at the assistant principal outside the library on Monday just before classes began.

When the administrator summoned the student to his office, the teenager refused, attacking him instead. “Cheetos went flying everywhere,” Superintendent Ed Eiler said.

The student was arrested by police and is suspended from school pending internal review.

Now, you can shake your head at several aspects of this story.  The student’s lack of respect for authority.  The fact that police had to get involved in school discipline.  But all I can think is…

What a horrifying waste of Cheetos.


We all have name brand products that we love.

I prefer Pepsi products to Coke.  Jif Peanut Butter over Skippy.  Cheetos to any ‘imitation’ cheese puff.

But would I willingly get a tattoo of a favorite brand logo if it meant a 20 percent discount for life?

Not even.

But that is exactly what Ecko Unlimited is currently purposing to its brand faithful.  And they appear to be perfectly seriously.

The popular line of t-shirts, denim, polos, and sneakers is offering a 20 percent life-time discount to anyone who gets a tattoo of the brand’s iconic rhino or shears on their person.

Sound like a deal?

Before you run out and invest in a new tramp stamp, do the math.  If the Ecko Unlimited tee you are jonesin’ for retails at $30, the brand permanently decorating your backside only saves you $6.

Six bucks!

They expect people to turn themselves into a billboard for that?  Sorry, Ecko — personal real estate carries a far heftier price.

Le junk

Emilie Baltz is a New York City foodie and designer who grew up in a home without junk food.  Her mother was French, and considered fruit wedges to be the snack of choice.


Like a like of kids who were denied sweets, Emilie craved them all the more (and gulped them down when her mom wasn’t looking.)  Years later, she is combining sugary snacks with a French sensibility in her cookbook, Junk Foodie.

Finally — recipes with ingredients that I can get behind!  Twinkies, Cheetos, Green Apple Jelly Bellys — and those very snacks combine to create something quite pretty called “Cheddar Feuillete with Green Apple Relish.”

Fah fah fah.

Or how about taking Banana Twins, mayonnaise, potato sticks, salt & vinegar potato chips and Ranch Doritos and creating this beauty — let’s face it, her photography is amazing — “Potato Plantain Torta.”

I am a non-foodie who grew up in a home with lots of junk food.  My mom was an amazing Southern cook who didn’t have a lot of food rules other than, “Clean your plate.”

She liked snacks as much as the next kid, God love ‘er.

I think it would be a blast to create these interesting dishes using junk foods to fool my foodie friends.

Pas vous?

Living large

I love this photo.

That’s my dog Rory… crashed out on the couch.

It was a particularly hot afternoon, and he was enjoying his regularly scheduled nap in the air conditioning.

But he’s doing it with such style….such abandon!

There is a dog who is really sleeping.  And who doesn’t care who watches him doing it.

The Cheetos bag in the foreground?  That’s mine.  But I think it adds a certain something-something to the composition.  (Felt like I needed to explain.  Didn’t want everyone to think I was the worst dog owner on the planet…although Rory has had a Cheeto or two in his day, I’ll admit.)

The moral of this photo essay?

Choose to do something today, and do it with gusto.  Live like nobody’s lookin’.

Live…like a Rory Dog.


After the recent late night debacle at NBC, you would expect television viewers to be jaded and cynical.

…to assume that quality programming, talented performers and good ideas would be summarily rejected by the muckety-mucks at the highest echelons of the networks.

But then…a glimmer of hope appears.

A grassroots effort on Facebook not only gains thousands of fans — 486,139 as of this writing —  but momentum and media and — awesome alliteration ahead — the motherlode!

Betty White is going to appear on “Saturday Night Live!”

Just when you thought that the powers-that-be in network TV had lost all sense of what was truly funny — versus what was mediocre and safe — the producers of SNL recognize the brilliance of the social media suggestion and get the grande dame of comedy herself to agree to the plan.

Only eating a Cheeto as I was typing this would make me happier (and my keyboard a mess).

Granted, the report didn’t confirm White would host the show, but I’m pretty sure we can push that through, too.

We are in charge now.  Resistance is futile.

One more time

Is there ever too much of a good thing?

I say ‘yes’ when it comes to food.  I’ve definitely eaten too many Cheetos in one sitting, and they are pretty much my favorite thing in the world.  Same goes with candy.  Too many Hot Tamales or Milk Duds or Whoppers at one time, and it can turn me off of them for, gosh, almost a week.

And I think we all know that too much of the demon brew can turn on you with painful results in less than 24 hours.

But can you ever watch a really good movie too many times?

I say a loud, resounding ‘no.’

And I’m not talking about the often dark, depressing Oscar winners.  Films like “Million Dollar Baby” and “The English Patient” — while very deserving of the award — are just too painful to sit through the second time around.

No, I mean the “B level” films — the ones made without awards in mind.  They simply entertain the audience with a great story…those films I can watch again and again and again.

And I have.

This morning, for instance, I watched “The Rookie” with Dennis Quaid for the umpteenth time…and cried for the umpteenth time.  I have “Sense and Sensibility” and “Pride and Prejudice” (the Knightley/MacFadyen version) saved on my DVR for lunch time viewing.  I can watch “Just Friends,” “Notting Hill,” “The Namesake,” “The Princess Bride,” and “Elf”  — just to name a few — time and time again, and they just keep getting better.

And no hangover — bonus.