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Taste test

I am watching ESPN, and a commercial for Cheez-Its just aired.


You’ve probably seen it.

Scientists are testing cheese to make sure it is mature…because only aged cheddar goes into Cheez-Its.

I don’t know.  The immature cheese sounds like a lot more fun.  I think it would taste better, too.

These are the important issues that occupy my big brain.


You know how you meet someone and it feels like you’ve known them forever and everything they say makes you laugh and you can’t explain why but you laugh anyway?

That’s how I feel about Michael Ian Black.  And today, I figured out why.

I first saw Michael on the comedy series “Ed” years ago.  I thought he was quirky and funny back then, but I didn’t know how much of that was Michael and how much was the invention of the writers.

Now Michael is on Twitter, and of all the people I follow, he is the one who is most apt to make me laugh aloud.

Here are a few choice examples:

Devastated by Ryan and Scarlett news. Haven’t been this upset about a celebrity break-up since the Dexter guy yesterday.

If I could dunk a basketball that would be the only thing I would ever do.

Christmas needs to calm the fuck down.

The five most unappealing words in the English language: ˝Used hot tub for sale.˝

I need to get better at doing things that people want to pay money for.

Funny stuff….at least, to me.  So why is Michael Ian Black’s sense of humor particularly funny to me?


Yep.  We both are fans of the cheesy snacks.  In fact, Michael and his friends formed an after-school club devoted to Cheez-Its back in his high school days.  They put up signs around campus…even got some folks to attend.

It was all a joke on their part.  But a guy who jokes about Cheez-Its?

He’d be a friend of mine.