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Chew on this

dental glasses

You know you want ’em…and you can buy ’em!

But you have to floss them every day, so plan accordingly.

Chew on this

Does chewing gum make you more attractive?

Beldent Gum conducted a social experiment and concluded that yes, in fact, it does. Take a look below.

Sorry, Beldent. It wasn’t the gum that made the chewing twin the more attractive choice. It was the total lack of animation on the carbon copy’s face!

The gum chewing twin was making eye contact with the study participants and had facial movements — all signs of life. The other was stoic, corpse-like, and a bit unnerving.

So, don’t increase production at your factory just yet, Beldent. (Although I’ll admit, this whole thing is a really good ad.)

Bubbles in my mind

So I was checking Twitter and learned that Wrigley gum was the first product to feature a bar code.

That’s interesting.

But now I’m craving gum…specifically, bubble gum.


I can see it in my mind.  I can taste it.  But I don’t have gum — shouldn’t buy any, either.  Gum is a no-no, according to my dentist.

But I don’t see my dentist anywhere…