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wpid-20141117_140437.jpgOver the years, I have collected fortunes from Chinese takeout that spoke to me and placed them in a pocket of my Franklin Planner.

(Yes, I still have a Franklin Planner….and a Google calendar, too.  Just covering my bases.)

I don’t know why these crumbling, yellowed fortunes caught my eye today, but they did. And you can probably see why I kept them around.

It’s a very feel-good collection.

On my trip to Tokyo in July, I received the very aptly named ‘Best Fortune’ in return for a dollar and a prayer at the Senso-ji temple in Asakusa.


How’s that for positive thinking?

This fortune has earned a place of honor on the bulletin board above my desk, a very cheerful reminder of all the good things I have in my life.

And possibly more to come?


Did you know…

A trap door. A hidden room. A secret passage.

Surprises like these make the ordinary mysterious and exciting.

Well, it turns out everybody’s favorite Chinese takeout has been hiding a big secret all its own. Take a look at this.

Chinese food was perfect before — and to find out it has been providing its very own paper plate all these years!  I’m surprised it’s not more expensive.

Gosh — I hope they don’t start charging more for it.