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For one day only

Have you enjoyed your free cup of McDonalds coffee today?

Your free curly fries from Arby’s?

Or shredded documents (up to five pounds) at Office Depot…for free?

tax day freebiesThese are just a few examples of the Tax Day Freebies that companies around the country are offering today to ease the squeeze on your bank account.

Well…isn’t that special.  Or is it?

Are these retailers — like Great American Cookie who is giving away free chocolate chip — doing this out of the goodness of their hearts (and love of free publicity)?  Or is it for the tax break they can take for offering these incentives?

I would guess the latter. (And really, who can blame them?)

Oh, and if you’re looking for me this evening, I’ll be ‘singing for my supper’ at Hard Rock Cafe — sing a song, get an entree.

Do re free!

Chip off the…

Do you chocolate chip cookies?

I mean, really chocolate chip cookies?  Then today is gonna be a great day for you!

Today is Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!

That means chocolate chip cookie ers everywhere are going to celebrating.  And by celebrating, I mean buying and cooking and eating their favorite cookie of all time.

I mean, really — how can you not chocolate chip cookies?  All that chocolatey, yummy goodness?  It would be practically un-American!  And you don’t want to be un-American smack-dab in the middle of the Olympics.

So, show your and eat a cookie.  You won’t get a medal, but…

You will get a cookie.