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Day Two: Lucerne, Switzerland

Today, I was in a conference room in Lucerne for eight hours.

No sunshine. No city views. No sightseeing.

Hotel des BalancesBut after dinner, I again was charmed by my hotel and the square it overlooks.

In the daylight, the front facade of the Hotel des Balances in Lucerne is awash with color, the figures and ornate border giving the building an almost candy-colored glow.

(They stand behind this sugary start by delivering a customized oval of chocolate on our pillows each night.)

When the sun sets, the hotel and the other painted buildings in the square loose their characteristic colors but not their charm. Most businesses close by seven o’clock, so there is only the sound of foot traffic on the cobblestone, and the street lights make the architecture appear more whimsical.

Lucerne Square

I took this photo from my hotel balcony, which overlooks the front entrance.

chocolate mint LucerneAnd because many of you couldn’t concentrate after you read the word ‘chocolate,’ here is that mint I mentioned.

Pretty snazzy, huh?


Like flowers for chocolate

I did not inherit the chocolate lover’s gene.

But even I was inspired by this bit of food porn —

chocolate roses banana


I’d probably pull out the flowers and eat the banana first. But chocolate roses? Pretty darn adorable. And best of all, they’re —


You can read the easy-to-follow instructions here.

Treat your significant other.  Hell, treat yourself!  And if you do go to all that trouble, send me a picture.

I promise to sing your praises right here on The Egg!



If people who prefer candy and chocolate have a sweet tooth


What do you call it when you prefer salty snacks?

I’m a chips/nuts/pretzels kinda gal — no contest.  So what body part is assigned to that?

This is very important.

Passing notes

niggly wigglyWhat do you call the little piece of paper that sticks out of the top of every Hershey’s  Kiss?

I’ve never even thought about it until today, when a ‘fun fact’ was circulated on Twitter revealing the banner’s name:  niggly wiggly.

Or is it?

When I checked Hershey.com, no mention of the name was anywhere to be found…which makes the Twitter tidbit suspect.

It is fact…or fan fiction?

What do you call the chocolate’s calling card?  Vote in the poll below.

Who cares how you spell delicious?

I was very excited to read that today was National Macaroon Day!

My first thought was to pull out this gorgeous photo  —

macaroons3But I was very confused.

These are French macarons — two light cookies made of egg whites and almond meal with a sweet filling of just about anything. I mean, you have to love that rainbow of colors and flavors.
Coconut MacaroonsNo, these are macaroons — not a cookie at all because it turns out they contain no flour. They do have a lot of coconut (and sometimes chocolate drizzled over top), and they are yummy.

I am not typically one for cakes and cookies, but I do love macarons and macaroons….so I will celebrate both today.

Sue me.

I’m hungry

Ready for a snack?

Something fruity, perhaps?  Or a rich chocolate bite?


Don’t sink your teeth into these morsels — they are ‘Crunched Pillows’ by Bonjour Mon Coussin, a food-obsessed online store started by Claire Eglizaud and Paul Moreau in 2007.

She’s a fashion stylist; he’s a graphic designer.  And the clothing, bags, purses and home items featured on their site are a foodie’s dream come true.

And if you want to literally dream in chocolate?  Well, you can make that happen, too.

chocolate bed

Square meal

The holidays are here.

squaresWhat a great excuse to enjoy a yummy chocolate and peanut butter brownie.


This isn’t chocolate. It isn’t even food.  It’s, um…well —

Wombat poopies.

wombatWombats are, in fact, the only creatures that poop cubes.  The shape helps the wombat mark its territory and recognize potential mates, because the flat sides help the poops stay in place.

I still think they look like little mini-desserts.  Put them on a Christmas doily, and I bet you’d fool a few folks.

That is, if the wombat didn’t get there first.