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Blue Christmas

Hey New York City jazz fans, a word of warning —

blue-noteIf you love Chris Botti and are hoping to catch one of his shows at the Blue Note during his annual holiday residency, here are a few things to keep in mind.

First, don’t buy bar seatsThe club offers seats at tables and at the bar, and the marketing assures you that both choices offer a great view of the stage.

In reality, there are about 10 bar seats in total, and the Blue Note sells five times that many advance tickets.  So most bar seat ticket holders are essentially Standing Room Only.

Second, don’t assume you are in like Flynn if you buy table seats. At tonight’s Christmas Eve performance, many table patrons with advance tickets were turned away because the Blue Note oversold the show.

On Christmas Eve. Are you kidding me?!

Third, whatever ticket you purchase, be at the club as soon as the doors open. That’s the only way to get any kind of seat.

Actually, my best piece of advice is to go somewhere else. That’s what we ended up doing.

Total. Holiday. Fail.

Checking it twice

sock monkey calendarExhibit A: 2013 Sock Monkey Calendar

Purchased December 30, 2012.  Brand new.  Twelve month-themed sock monkey images contained within imaginative and in excellent condition.

Fun year ahead — check.


Rory Sock MonkeyExhibit B:  Rory with Sock Monkey

Given to Rory on Christmas Eve 2012.  Brand new.  Ball on Santa hat chewed off within moments of gifting.

Hat destroyed — check.

Relationship with sock monkey secured — double check.

New traditions

And so it is Christmas.

When I was a little girl, every Christmas morning you would find me in the kitchen , making fruit salad for the big Christmas lunch that my Mom held for family friends. The people in attendance might change, but the menu — baked hen and ham — and the holiday event at our house were a reassuring tradition.

Christmas Eve was also the same evening year after year. Mass in the early evening. Home for appetizers and homemade candy before opening gifts. A strictly family affair, I can remember being rather peeved the first time one of my brothers introduced a girlfriend into the proceedings.

Tradition was so important back then.

Now that my mother is gone, and my brothers and sisters are scattered across the country, our holiday ‘tradition’ changes every year. We exchange gifts via Skype now — how cool is that? The day and time changes every year now, but that’s part of the adventure.

Just being together in whatever way works — that’s the tradition that is most important.

Merry Christmas everyone!