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I see Christmas

christmas lights dressOh Christmas dress,
Oh Christmas dress!
Your lights are white and shiny.

Oh Christmas dress,
Oh Christmas dress!
I think I see her hiney.

But then, I kinda see her boobs
And legs and torso–navel, too.

Oh Christmas dress,
Oh Christmas dress!
Your finery is tiny.






Shiny, shiny goodness

My sister hasn’t taken down her Christmas lights yet.

Lou's lights













I think she should leave up everything — except the tree — year round.

Who’s with me?

Twinkle twinkle

Christmas lights seem to go up earlier and earlier each year.

I’ve seen them here in New York City for a couple of weeks already, and on the posts of friends on Facebook, too.

But here is one display that I would enjoy seeing year round…

Think they plug into the cigarette lighter?

The gift

My good friend Caroline visited this past week, a gift from her husband for her birthday.

Nice one, Shaun.

During her four days in Manhattan, we saw two Broadway shows, a taping of Anderson, a movie on a rainy day, shopping, holiday lights, more shopping, and lots and lots of food, drink and wonderful conversation.

She was also able to reconnect with three other friends who call New York City home.

And while I know the chance to see Hugh Jackman perform live on stage was the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that spurred the last-minute trip, having so much time together to simply talk and catch up was an incredible luxury.

Would we have traded some of that time to meet Hugh in person?

Duh — of course.

We’re good friends.  We know what we really like!

Xmas in a box

The late night shows debuted their holiday decor this week.

You can tell a lot about a host by his tinsel.

Dave, Jimmy and Jimmy have gone the more traditional route — the scatter of lights, poinsettias, a tree or two.  Their sets look festive in the way you might expect.  Heck, they may be using last year’s decorations.

Who would notice?

You  will definitely remember Conan’s. His approach to trimming the set this year is more akin to projectile vomiting.  His stage makes Clark Griswold’s house look dark and neglected.  Dinosaurs.  Giant sandwiches.  A robot rabbi.

It’s gawdy and fabulous, but people with pacemakers best beware.

In sharp contrast, Craig Ferguson’s stage still suffers from bad lighting and leaks from the rain.  He seems filled with the Christmas spirit, but his budget extends only to a small, lighted desktop tree — that he plugged in with a flourish — and a Santa cap for Geoff Peterson, his robot skeleton sidekick.

Funny.  After watching both shows, I realized I preferred the simplicity of Craig’s display.  It has that authentic Charlie Brown quality, whereas Conan’s feels like the need to show off…to splatter his ego and budget all over the place to prove that he is back in the game.

Rudolph syndrome, no doubt.

Chill, CoCo.