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As hotel carpet goes, this is pretty boring.

Its pattern meets the requisite busy rule to hide foot traffic, but it’s very light. Tip a glass of red wine or kool-aid, and you’ve got a stain.

Especially if the guest doesn’t report it right away. (It’s in the guest rooms.)

Give me an intense color and some curly cues any day!

In case you were wondering….

poopingGo ahead now…

Clean it up.

The Google Experiment

Since this a fairly new blog, I googled “sticky egg” to see if it appeared anywhere near the top of the search results yet.  Not even close.

Turns out, when folks are searching the term ‘sticky egg,’ their primary concern is how to scrap the darn thing out of a pan!

So…my blog title is analogous with a common household annoyance? Hmmm… that seems about right.

(Oh — and if you actually found me by way of a Google search, I don’t want you to go away empty handed. Placing the pan under cold running water lifts the cooked egg right off.)

Bon appetit!