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Selling the games

We’ve all probably watched the Olympics at some point and imagined ourselves, standing at the medal ceremony, singing the national anthem with a gold medal around our neck.

It’s a nice dream.

But how about a trash bin that was actually used in the athletes village bathroom?  Did you dare dream you’d own one of those?

Be still your heart — you can.

In fact you and 2,505 folks willing to pony up the 2.5 British pounds can turn your toilet into an official Olympic shrine by shopping remainsofthegames.co.uk.

And you won’t just score trash bins, no sirree!  We’re talking traffic barriers and clocks, fire extinguishers and TV stands — all kinds of items the Olympic athletes used during the games.

Want a mattress slept on by an Olympic swimmer?  Now’s your chance!

How ’bout a mirror that was looked upon by a gymnast, track star or beach volleyball player?  Get your credit card ready.

Now…isn’t that better than a medal?


Tick tock

The arrival of Daylight Savings Time seems to brings with it conflicting emotions.

Some folks excited by the late afternoon sunlight.  Others cheated by the lost hour of sleep.

Me?  I’m still changing clocks — why do I have so may clocks — and at the same time, noticing all the cool ones I don’t own!

Yep — daylight savings time inspires me to go clock shopping.  I had eight clocks to ‘spring forward’ on Sunday, so I certainly don’t need more.  But it’s still fun to look at some of the clever designs that are out there.

The Domino Clock

Can you read the time? It’s 12:59.  The first domino represents the hour; the second and third the minutes.  The dots change as the time changes (but they never tumble and fall).

I think telling time with dominoes is way more fun than playing dominoes.

The Aspiral Clock

Don’t ask me how this one works.  Somehow a ball rolls down the spirals that make up the clock’s frame and tells you the time of day.

I’m not sure a clock should tell you the time and blow your mind…but this one does.  It also comes in lots of cool colors, which is even more important.

The Skull Clock

And for something completely different…a clock that is perfect at Halloween.  Perfect for that brain surgeon in your life.  Perfect for your Southwest decor.  Perfect for your foyer when you want to scare kids aware from your house.

And it tells time.

I think I can easily justify changing nine clocks next year.