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All over but the crying

I have just finished binge-watching the new season of House of Cards. But don’t worry — there are no spoilers here.

You have to put in all those hours to learn about their latest foibles.

house of cards2


I’m just anxious to interact with real people again after my total immersion the past couple of days (other than brief breaks for UK basketball [29-0] and dog walks).

You know what I missed most?


Not me — I blink quite a bit, whether in conversation or while watching hours of TV.  I wear contacts; it’s required.

But the cast of House of Cards never appears to blink. Not even when the camera takes a long, dramatic look…pushing in for a revealing closeup.

They simply don’t give into the urge.

I would love to be on set when the director yells ‘cut.’ I envision the actors blinking furiously. Eye drops being administered post haste. A furious rubbing of eyelids, followed by frantic makeup touch ups.

Or, I hope that happens.


Zipper no more

I have never considered myself anything more than a spectator of Project Runway, but now —

Tim Gunn, I’m ready for my closeup.

spray fabricI’ve discovered the secret to a design with a perfect fit in less than day —

Spray-on fabric

Fabrican, Ltd. in London invented spray-on fabric way back in 2000.  It’s been used in the medical field for dressings, bandages, casts and wound healing products. But now the company is hoping to branch out into fashion, giving designers — like me — a way to be even more creative.

Seamless garments!  Custom clothing!  Recycled wear!  And no more sewing models into clothing before they hit the runway…

…just spray her in!