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Perhaps I’ve had too much caffeine

As many of you know, I live in New York City, land of the ‘Outlawed Big Soda’ — courtesy of Mayor Bloomberg.

The man hates sugary drinks.

I get it.  And I know that when people want 32 ounces of ‘sugary drink,’ they probably buy two 16 ounce sodas…if they can do the math, that is.

But has Mayor Bloomberg gotten wind of Starbuck’s new coffee cup size — the Trenta?

starbucks trenta cupIt holds 31 ounces — or roughly 900 ml — of coffee and whatever mixings rock your world.

I don’t drink coffee myself, but I know some people put as much flavoring in the cup as they do coffee.

How many calories is that, Mr. Mayor?

Are we gonna go after the coffee drinkers of New York now…and one of the most prolific franchises in our city?  I mean, that new coffee cup size can hold an entire bottle of wine.  That’s how huge it is.

To be honest, I’m not even sure who’s side I’m on in this fight —

I just feel like starting it.