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It’s the real thing (sort of)

Hey Bloomberg, before you go:

Is this size Coca-Cola allowed here in New York City?

Coke-bottle-chalk-artGotcha — it’s chalk art!

Pretty realistic, huh?



You can tell some folk’s politics by the signs in their yard.  But the logo on their coffee cup?

Wake up.  It’s true.

A report by Buyology, Inc., a New York City firm that measures the unconscious
decision making that drives brand preference, links consumers’ politics to the brands they buy.

For example, Democrats are more likely to buy Starbucks coffee.  Republicans prefer Dunkin Donuts’ brew.

No beans about it.

Partisanship also rears its ugly head in folks’ choice of car, insurance, sport and gaming system.  Democrats prefer Jeep, Progressive, NFL and Wii; Republicans go for BMW, Allstate, Major League Baseball and XBOX.

But both parties agree on Coke, Google, VISA, Apple and Olay.

Wha?  The Democrats and Republicans agree on five whole things? This is either a sign of a huge turnaround…

Or the end of the world.


We all have name brand products that we love.

I prefer Pepsi products to Coke.  Jif Peanut Butter over Skippy.  Cheetos to any ‘imitation’ cheese puff.

But would I willingly get a tattoo of a favorite brand logo if it meant a 20 percent discount for life?

Not even.

But that is exactly what Ecko Unlimited is currently purposing to its brand faithful.  And they appear to be perfectly seriously.

The popular line of t-shirts, denim, polos, and sneakers is offering a 20 percent life-time discount to anyone who gets a tattoo of the brand’s iconic rhino or shears on their person.

Sound like a deal?

Before you run out and invest in a new tramp stamp, do the math.  If the Ecko Unlimited tee you are jonesin’ for retails at $30, the brand permanently decorating your backside only saves you $6.

Six bucks!

They expect people to turn themselves into a billboard for that?  Sorry, Ecko — personal real estate carries a far heftier price.

Open minds

In the coca-cola wars, I have always been Team Pepsi.

I grew up drinking Pepsi, switched to Diet Pepsi when the world started reading nutrition labels, and reaffirmed my preference for Pepsi over Coke in one of those legendary mall taste tests.

I drink a lot less soda than I used to, but after reading that Pepsico is being boycotted, I may just step up and drink a bit more…for the team.

The American Family Association, which has targeted brands like Ford and McDonald’s in the past for their ‘lack of values,’ claims they now have over 500,000 signatures from people who have pledged to stop buying Pepsico products.

The reason behind the boycott?  Pepsico offers financial support to organizations promoting the ‘homosexual agenda,’ namely Human Rights Campaign and PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays).

Well, la de frickin’ da.

When are organizations like AFA going to realize that targeting a company for being open-minded only underlines their membership’s backward prejudice?  I mean, come on — first you don’t want gays to marry, and now you don’t want them to drink soda or enjoy a salty snack?  Where does it end?

Pepsi’s current advertising slogan is ‘something for everyone.’  If they are actually putting that thought into action — by supporting people of every race, creed, and sexual orientation — then I think they should be commended, not condemned.

I’m proud to purchase products from a company with such aspirations.

Go team!