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Deja super vu

Second only to Pete Carroll’s really bad play call in the final seconds of last night’s Super Bowl is Left Shark.

He even has his own hashtag on Twitter.

Don’t know who #leftshark is? He was one of Katy Perry’s backup dancers. And his moves and killer costume earned him, in a matter of moments, his own Twitter account and social media stardom.

But just like his lesser lauded twin, Right Shark, I found Perry’s entire entourage a bit derivative.

There. I said it.

When I turned over to the half-time show, I thought I was watching a repeat of Pee Wee’s Playhouse.

pee wee

Ya gotta admit — the stage show borrowed his color palette.

And #leftshark? I’m pretty sure his ancestor showed up on Saturday Night Live some 35 years ago.

Landshark2So, don’t feel so bad, Pete.

You weren’t the only one who made a bad call last night.

Less is so much more

I don’t have that many walls in my New York City apartment, but I am willing to make room for these beauties.

minimalist posters














This set of minimalist posters — a tribute to the films of Pixar — was created by Wonchan Lee, an Australian designer.

I love the color palette, and the way Lee was able to reference each film with simple yet brilliant icons.

Can you imagine his take on this year’s nine Oscar-nominated films? Or the TV series nominated for Emmy awards? I mean, what would a poster for Downton Abbey look like from Lee’s point of view?

I’d buy that poster. I’d buy these posters.

I need some more walls.

Call me corny

My sister posted this photo today on Facebook.

Is that beautiful or what?

It’s glass gem corn, an heirloom corn variety.  If you’re interested in the specifics of how it was farmed — I know there are members of my family that will be — check out SeedTrust.com.

Me?  I’m a city chick, so all I see are the colors…and how much it truly looks like glass.  I could decorate an entire house using that color palette.

But eat it?

It would be like snacking on the Crowned Jewels!

Too much

So I was vegging out on the couch, in a Sunday morning coma, watching 50 First Dates.  A good start to the day.

Then a commercial for “Martha Stewart Pets” came on.  Really?  She’s trying to take over the pet market, too?

Darn that woman.

But I go online to look, so the ad worked.  And of course, the products are well-designed and pretty, if you like Martha’s color palette.  (You can check them out on petsmart.com.)

More exciting to me, though, was my accidental find via Google of Martha Stewart Pet Rocks.

Just look at them!  Only Martha could take pet rocks to a whole new level.

I mean, that turtle is a piece of art.  And I can think of someone in particular who would love those frogs.

I may make the doggie door stop for myself.   We’ll see if mine ends up looking like a dachshund or a dalmatian. But Martha has posted the “simple” instructions online.

Don’t you just hate her?

Proof’s in the pork

Uh oh.  Those ‘newly married’ friends of yours have already lasted an entire year!  It’s time to buy an anniversary present — what to do?

No worries — it’s Flitch Day!

According to customs that have been in place since the 15th century, any couple who can prove to a jury of bachelors and maidens that they have lived together in ‘harmony and fidelity’ during the past year gets a flitch of bacon.

(That’s a side of bacon in modern speak.)

No more checking their registry at Target.  No more worrying about colors or style of decor.  Agonizing about sizes is a thing of the past.

Just pass that platter of bacon to the lucky bride and groom!

(William and Kate are going to be so excited…)