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Sticky sentiments

Back in late August,  I shared the happy news that my Upper West Side neighborhood is getting a local bookshop — indeed, the Shoppe Around the Corner that inspired You’ve Got Mail is returning to the hood.

Apparently the owners wanted to get a feel for the locals’ reaction to their announcement.  So they used an old-school method — post-it notes — to recreate comments aka Facebook on the storefront window:


I’d say it’s pretty positive.


Brain teaser

I have a pop quiz for you today on The Egg:

Can you identify the objects below?

Hint: They are not candy.

(I know — it’s shocking, considering who is asking.)

Place your guess in the comments. The answer and additional information in Wednesday’s Egg!

When the dust settles

A chance viewing on the great Google machine inspired the question:

With all the bizarre holidays out there, why don’t we celebrate Funny Chalkboard Sign Day?

There are so many really funny chalkboard signs outside bars and restaurants…and I think they deserve some recognition.

I posted some of the my favorites below.


























Have you seen others that deserve a shout out? Post them in the comments. And look for the national holiday coming soon.

A chalkboard sign would be a really good place to promote it…

Decisions, decisions

Earlier this evening a friend on Facebook posted the challenge:  “Favorite three TV shows of all time”  —


At first glance, I thought it an easy question.  Then I noticed the comments were few in number; many people had only listed one or two shows instead of the requested three.

After spending some time on the topic, now I understand why.

west wingMy first favorite was immediate and top of mind: The West Wing.  From episode one until the the drama drew its last breath, I was one of its biggest fans and most vocal supporters.  It’s what television — and government, for that matter — should be.

Jed Bartlet is still my president.

cheersMy second choice is more of a sentimental favorite.  I wrote my television programming  paper on Cheers as a freshman in college and rightly predicted that it was a comedy that had long legs.

I also watched Cheers — perhaps not with the same religious fervor as West Wing — but until its end.  And it was way cool to eventually live just a few blocks from the Boston bar that served as its inspiration.

My third choice was the hardest one. I watch a lot of television, a lot of great television — House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Breaking Bad —
but I decided, if I was honest, I should choose the show that turned me into a schoolgirl fanatic:

downton_abbey_season2_Downton Abbey

I have the DVDs. And the hardback companion. And the bound scripts. And a couple of pictures on my office bulletin board.

Yeah, that probably qualifies as a favorite.


I found this ridiculously cute mouse on the Interwebs today, and added the word balloon (’cause it looks like he has something to say).

cheesy mouse

Can you help?

(Add your submissions in the comments!)

Seeing spots

Christmas is over.


Time to leave your comfy food coma and re-engage your brain. Here’s a test to see how you are doing —

white and red dotsWhat is the person/place/thing pictured at left?

Place your guesses in the comments section. The first correct response will receive the satisfaction of being 1) right and 2) first.

Good luck!

Something new

“Do something that scares you everyday.”

Well, today I am doing just that.

Something that I’m sure will be fun…but that kinda scares the bejeezers out of me!

I promise to tell you all about — as much as I’m allowed, anyway — in Thursday’s Egg.

Any guesses on what it might be?  Leave them in the comments section.  (Family members and friends who already know, please refrain from spoiling the fun.)

I don’ t think I look quite that frightened.  (Here’s hoping my poker face is a bit more convincing.)

Wish me luck, guys!